5 Ways To Eating Healthy On A Tight Budget

Healthy eating is a huge part of my lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and in trying to take care of my body, it’s important that I feed it the right fuel. I will live and breathe by eating healthy to fix some of your daily frustrations with your body. Once I cut the processed sugar, wheat, soy, and dairy from my diet I almost instantly felt like a different person.

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Gaining Pinterest Traffic on A Budget

You guys! I’m so excited to share my new tool with you. I’ve been using Tailwind for about a month and I can’t even tell you how useful it is in growing my following on Pinterest. Seriously.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory about Pinterest. I’m on Pinterest at least once a day pinning my little heart out. Why? Because if I had to choose any social media platform, it would be Pinterest. I like the usability, functionality, and all the cool stuff that you find on there.

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DIY: Budget Friendly Tassel Wall Hanging

Home decor can add up really quickly, can’t it? It’s not something that you go and buy on a whim when you’re trying to pay off debt. But, I was able to make a fun, budget friendly, wall hanging that I absolutely love and can’t wait to share with you.

Guess what? It only cost me a whopping $2 to make two separate wall hangings. I went to Goodwill (which I frequent often) and I picked up two scans of yarn that was donated for $0.99 cents a piece. Me, being the crafting connoisseur that I am, couldn’t let that deal pass me up. So, I pick them up in hopes that I would have a project come along. What do you know? This project did!

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Living With Hashimoto's Disease

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been throwing around Hashimoto’s Disease a couple of times in previous posts. I was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago and it completely changed my life, but in the best way possible. So, Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune condition where your immune system thinks your thyroid is a foreign body and it basically goes HAM on destroying it.

Sounds fun right? Well, Hashimoto’s Disease often goes undetected. Turns out 1 out of 4 adult women develop Hashimoto’s Disease in their lifetime and that number is slowly increasing. Hashimoto’s symptoms are fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, and a couple other odd ball symptoms as well.

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How To Save Money On Home Decor

Home decor can add up really quickly – especially when you’re like me and you love keeping up with the trends. I’m super into hygge right now – but two years ago – I was all about shabby chic. So, home decor is something that needs to be affordable in the Binderim household.

There are a couple of things that you can do to keep your home decor affordable and allow you to throw money towards debt.

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DIY: All Natural Throat Lozenge

We all have those awful summer colds that seem to come out of nowhere and then suffocate us in the heat. I hope that you don’t catch that summer cold bug – but if you do – let’s be prepared.

You know, runny nose, congestion, sore throat all in the dead of summer. Yuck!

You could grab cold medicine or you could use all natural throat lozenges that will help aid you to feel better. I’m not going to say this is the cure for all colds, because I’d be lying. But, I’ll tell you this will make you feel a little bit better.

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I’m in Flagstaff, AZ for the 5th summer in a row. Now, there’s something about Arizona that you should know if you don’t know already. Arizona has one mountain and that mountain town is called Flagstaff. We’re up here at 7,000 ft elevation and we get all the seasons. Spring, Winter, Fall, and Summer.

Summer up in Flagstaff is pretty crazy. It goes from being 85+ degrees (which doesn’t sound like a lot to Phoenicians – but when you’re about 6000 feet closer to the sun – it get's pretty toasty) one minute and the other it’s a downpour monsoon storm. So, after years of living here. I learned to be prepared for every season.

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What You Need To Know About Student Loans

Student loans are a very scary topic when you’re a brand new adult and you’re going to college right out of school. Let me tell you, I didn’t know a single thing when I accepted those loans and vowed to pay them back in 4 or more years. Then you forget about them and forget that they’re accumulating interest over those 4 years – which is a scary thought especially if you have to pull out some majorly big loans. So, this post is to break it down into layman's terms to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into and to make sure that you can get out of debt (or not get into it at all) as quickly as possible!

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DIY: Natural Room Scents

Purchasing candles and plug in wallflowers can add up really quick. Especially when you account for the refills and how quickly your home can go through them. Even with wax melts, I find myself going through them at fast rates and that adds up really quick! Not to mention all the chemicals that are in most air fresheners – it’s just a whole lot of no good! Especially with people with allergies and asthma. Definitely something to stay away from!

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Favorite Things: July 2017

During the summer months, my creativity comes alive. It’s like it was dormant during the winter and as spring turns into summer it grows and grows and grows. During summer, I usually want to do #allthethings. So my favorite things list revolves mostly around crafting and the tools that I’m in love with as I’m exploring new passions like painting, calligraphy, and more!

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Easy and Sustainable Ways to Save Money Around the House

I’m all about being sustainable – I’m a firm believer in the fact that we, as a collective human species, were put on this planet to take care of it. So, with that mindset - I’m a lover of all things sustainable. However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed how expensive sustainable products are. Well, let me tell you – they’re expensive! Totally not cost effective especially when you’re trying your best to pay down debt!

So, I’ve put together a cost effective yet sustainable list of things to DIY around the home. Plus, a cost breakdown on how much I’m saving on average by using these items. Not only are you saving the planet, but you’re saving your wallet too! Win win? I think so!

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DIY: Soothing Bath Salts

Relaxing is hard to do when you’re overwhelmed with the debt right at your fingertips. You feel guilty when you buy that extra latte that you didn’t budget for or you don’t feel like you can rest because you feel massive debt guilt every time you take a day. I get it. I’ve been there. Resting is hard to do when you have massive debt on your shoulders, but it’s a necessary part of life.

If you don’t take care of your body, you’ll end up with serious chronic conditions, trust me. I know all about the effects stress has on your body. But, heed my warning. You need to relax every once in awhile. It’ll do your body, mind, and family a whole lotta good when you’re not cranky and stressed out all the time.

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Dear Diary: 22 Things I Learned From Being 22

Well, I’m officially 23. I feel like this year will be a great year. Filled with change, self improvement, and determination. I wanted to quickly jot down 22 things that I learned from 22 years on this planet. Why? Because life lessons are always hard to learn in the moment, but once you live through it – it always makes you a better and stronger person on the other side.

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How to Save Over $419.26 A Year On DIY Products!

Making your own home and beauty products might seem cumbersome from the start. But once you start to jump into the making of it all I think you’ll realize that it’s super fun and cost effective to DIY everything in your house.

There are a lot of benefits to making your own home and beauty products.

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DIY: Budget Friendly Abstract Painting

Let’s be real here. Art’s expensive! I’m trying to redecorate my home and turn it more modern – minimalist chic than country chic because that’s just not me anymore. But, in looking at purchasing artwork to hang up on the walls – I realized that it’s super expensive and there’s no way I can afford artwork on the tight budget that we’re on to save money towards paying off our debt.

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Wishlist: Home Decor to Create A Perfect Hygge Home

So, we’re in the process of achieving Hygge in our home. If you haven’t heard about Hygge, check out this blog post. Basically, Hygge is the act of getting rid of things that you don’t 100% love. What’s the use of having stuff around the house that you kind of like? There’s really no use. So, get rid of that stuff and only buy things that make you happy and make you feel comfortable in your own home. Chances are if you only like 85% of the stuff in your house, you don’t 100% feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. So, in hopes of achieving Hygge – I’ve created a wishlist of things that we need to buy or repurpose in our home.

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Cheap Date Night Ideas

When you’re trying your best to save up money – a lot of the time your entertainment fund takes a huge blow. Which can make it tough on a marriage – no doubt about it. But, when it comes to cutting your entertainment budget for your date nights your marriage doesn’t need to suffer in the process. There’s plenty of things that you can do as a couple together for cheap or free! Here’s a list of things that you can do that won't break the bank!

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DIY: Honey Face Mask

When you’re trying to save all that money and put it towards paying off debt, you don’t have time to relax let alone treat yo’self! But, I just want to remind you how important it is to take care of your body and relax – even during this super debt saving mode you may be in. Today’s blog post is about. I’ve written a couple of posts on how to relax and a couple other ways you can relax, so check that out too!

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Minimalism: How to Apply It To Your Life

When it comes to minimalism, there are many things that you can do to help declutter your house, mind, electronics, and more. Knowing what to do and how to commit to minimalism is the biggest part of avoiding stuff from controlling your life. It’s important that you actively practice minimalism and look for ways to best declutter your life.

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20 Creative Ways To Save Over $17,226 a Year!

When you’re paying down debt, it’s important that you cut costs in any way that you can to throw those extra pennies towards debt! There are many creative ways to save money that I’ve found over the years and I decided to jot them all down in this blog post.

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