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If you Want to...

Have a drop dead, show stopping blog?
Gain valuable insight into blogging?
Have someone look over your existing blog and review it?

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If you want to...


Do you feel like your blog is stuck in slow motion?

You started an awesome blog and put up solid blog posts, but you’re still hearing crickets with your blog. You feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and don't know what advice to take. Sound familiar?

Get out of that rut and have a professional blogger look over your blog and make helpful comments to engage your readers more and grow your blog traffic (and therefore your income!)

Hi, I'm ashlee! graphic designer, lifestyle blogger, finance wiz, and Netflix binger.

I remember struggling with my brand new blog and not knowing what I should or shouldn’t do and then feeling completely overwhelmed with all the information out there that seems to contradict itself. After struggling for quite some time, I decided to stop listening to all the other voices and start listening to my own.


Let’s turn your ideas into a show stopping blog and business that can’t be ignored!

Through my one-on-one blog review, I’ll help you clearly define your target audience, your brand's purpose, and what your core values are. 

We’ll analyze the overall look and feel of your blog and what’s working and not working. We’ll hone in on your own unique voice that will help bring more viewers to your blog, email list, social media presence, and more!

Love the sound of that?
Let's get started!

Here's what you'll get from our one-on-one:

  • helpful constructive comments to grow your following

  • 2 social media outlet reviews

  • 1 hour one-on-one Skype call

  • Recording of the Skype call so you can go back and listen

  • PDF outlining what you can improve upon

  • All of your questions answered when it comes to blogging!

Love the sound of that?

I also offer branding services. Check out the Branding Page for more information.


Let's not end the conversation there! Catch up with me behind the scenes and life with two fury animals as my sidekicks!