5 Steps to Staying Motivated Through Tight Budget Months

Staying motivated on a tight budget

Are you on a really tight budget and can’t seem to stay motivated. Or is it really tough to make it to the end of the month without pulling out your credit card and splurging on something? I’m encouraging you to stay your course with your budget and work hard on creating your dream lifestyle. Don’t forget that you need to enjoy your life along the way, but don’t give up on your dream. You’ll look back at this all and not remember the hardships you endured but the fact that you achieve your dreams. To help you stay motivated, here’s 5 tips I use to keep us motivated.

1. Embrace contentment – It’s really hard to be content in the moment, isn’t it? I personally struggle with this on a daily basis. It’s so hard to stay content when you’re so focused on the long term goals. But, the sooner you can embrace contentment – the easier these weeks, months, or years will be. Be content with living off of the bare minimum. Be content with not going out for a latte every day. Simply enjoy the moments and life where you’re at right this moment. It will make this process run a lot smoother.

2. Embrace minimalism – Since I’ve become so dedicated and motivated to pay off my debt, I’ve 100% embraced minimalism. This doesn’t mean that I live off of crackers in a completely empty apartment – this means that I buy less items but when I do buy, I purchase higher quality items that will last much longer than most products today. I buy less plastic, and purchase more glass because it lasts longer. There are a ton of reasons to switch over to minimalism, but the biggest reason for me was to save thousands each and every year. I’ll talk about this more in the next chapter. So, hang tight.

3. Be creative! So, you’re at the last week of your budget and you’re down to the last $10 that you’ve budgeted for. YIKES! Not only that, but you and your spouse are desperate for a good date night out. Be creative in the process. Maybe you go to a local park and have a picnic then after that you head to a nice restaurant and each order a glass of wine that comes out to about $10. When you’re creative in these moments, you’ll be amazed at everything that you can do with such a limited budget. Don’t look at a budget as limiting, but as a way to be creative!

4. Remember your “why” – this is huge for staying motivated through the moments where it is tough. Your “why” will keep you strapped down and dedicated to paying off all your debt or sticking to your budget. My “why” is because I want to be financially free to invest in ourselves, buy a tiny home and travel the states, as well as many many other things that keep me motivated to not buy that latte, but instead make my coffee at home. What is your why?

5. Use visuals – I use these budget sheets and debt payoff tracker that could be used to mark your financial goals for retirement, college fund, etc. Simply jot down your goals for paying off your debt and then color in when you’ve completed that goal. At the end of your debt journey, you’ll have a fully colored in mason jar. How amazing is that? That’s just one way to visualize your goals and stay motivated. A quick Pinterest search will give you more ideas!

Do you use anything fun to keep you motivated through the tight budget months? I would love to hear what you use in the comments below!