5 Ways To Eating Healthy On A Tight Budget

Eating Healthy On A Budget

Healthy eating is a huge part of my lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and in trying to take care of my body, it’s important that I feed it the right fuel. I will live and breathe by eating healthy to fix some of your daily frustrations with your body. Once I cut the processed sugar, wheat, soy, and dairy from my diet I almost instantly felt like a different person.

Here’s what happened in under 6 months from healthy eating:

  • I lost 25 pounds
  • I gained back my health
  • I’m no longer exhausted throughout the day (don’t get me wrong – I still love naps – but I don’t feel like I need them)
  • Anxiety and depression lessened
  • I feel like I gained my life back

All this through healthy eating. It’s truly amazing. Did I workout at all? Nope. Not really. I went on the occasional walk or hike. But it was never really rigorous workouts. There’s a ton you can do through healthy eating (for those that are still skeptics) but eating on a dime is tricky. There’s a couple things that I’ve learned about over the last 6 months or so that help me save money while still eating healthy.

Eating Healthy On A Budget

1. Look into local CSA groups

In just about every city across the US there’s some sort of CSA  which is a store that advances the community partnerships and promotes social equity and education by connecting people to healthy food from local and regional growers. You’ll usually have to volunteer at the local farm for short shifts for a certain amount of produce. It depends on how your CSA is run. If you do a Google search for “local CSA” you’ll likely find one down the street from you!

2. Skip the meat

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before – but think about it. I usually spend about $30 a week on some sort of meat. Usually chicken, steak, and lunch meat. When you add that all up – that’s over $1,500 a year on meat alone! If you’re looking to cut back on groceries, I would highly suggest that you cut back on meat and put that extra money towards loans. Plus, the average recommended protein serving size is ¼ of your dinner plate. The rest should be ½ veggies and ¼ starches.

3. Don’t buy name brand

Have you ever compared ingredients in a name brand with the store brand? They’re basically the same things in the same exact order. Meaning that you’re spending a couple dollars more for the same product. It’s worth it to check out the store brand if you need to cut back on groceries!

4. Meal Plan

I cannot tell you how much this saves me on average a year. It’s amazing what happens when you walk into the grocery store with a plan and a written shopping list. I only buy what’s on that list because I likely don’t NEED that chocolate bar or the bag of chips. Make sure you plan out your meals so you don’t walk into the grocery store with a plan – also make sure you’ve eaten before you go into the grocery store. Otherwise the whole store will mysteriously end up in your cart.

5. Add up groceries as you walk through the store

My hubby and I go to the grocery store together. I pick up all the things we need and rattle off the price of everything so my husband can add it all up on his phone. This way we won't be surprised when we get to the register and we know when we need to put things back before we get to the register too! You may want to take a partner for this if you’re in a rush. If not, then you can totally do it yourself – it might just take a couple extra minutes.

That’s 5 easy ways to save thousands of dollars on groceries a year! If you have any tips on how to save money while grocery shopping – shout it out in the comments below!