9 Finance Bloggers You Should Know About

9 Finance Bloggers You Should Know

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there it’s hard to narrow down this list to 10 people. But, these are 10 people that I really admire because of how dedicated they are to their readership and how successful they are. My success meter isn’t necessarily defined by how much income they bring in, but more about the fact that they’re making their dreams come true through their blog and making a difference for their readership.

This is a list of 10 people that I look up to in the blogging world and I would love to be on their level one day. But, it’ll take a lot of time, dedication, and motivation to reach that level. But, I know I’ll get there. Eventually. I wanted to share these bloggers with you because I don’t know everything when it comes to money – we all have different niches and I wanted to make sure you had adequate information when it comes to your finances. Like, a mortgage, for example. I don’t have a mortgage and I don’t plan on having one until I’m 100% free of debt. So, I know nothing about the process. But, for those of you who do have a mortgage, I want to make sure that you’re getting all the information and resources you need!

So, I hope you find the following bloggers as helpful as I do – because I’m downright blown away by each of them. They’re pretty cool people. Well, in my book anyways.

The Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Tracie was exactly in the shoes that I’m in now. She was in debt and desperately wanted to get out. She and her husband worked really hard to pay off over $35,000 and in the process, she found her passion! Helping others pay off their debt and live a debt free life.

Making Sense of Cents

If you haven’t heard about Michelle, the owner of Making Sense of Cents, you really should get to know her. She, like me, was able to use blogging as a way to pay off debt through her blog ($40,000!) and she makes 6 figures a month. Yep, a MONTH! Now she and her husband travel the continent in a motor home and she works from all over the country. She’s living a lifestyle that I would love to live!

Cait Flanders

Cait is just about the cutest human being there is. She’s super sweet and living life exactly the way she wants to. I deeply admire her for her sense of adventure and her shopping ban she’s been working on for over two years now. So, she keeps track of everything she purchases aside from food and gas. So, every box of q-tips she jotted down and it’s amazing how little she consumes. This saves her time, money, and the environment! It’s really amazing and I’m half tempted to try it myself.

The Busy Budgeter

I’ve been following Rosemarie for a couple years now and I’m always super impressed with how dedicated she is to save her money family and to help others do the same in the long run! She writes posts about all my favorite things, so it’s no surprise I’ve been admiring her from a distance.

I will teach you to be rich

This is a blogger that I recently found and he’s a super impressive guy. He’s a super generous guy that gives away 98% of his material free because he’s so dedicated with helping you to live a rich life. He’s a pretty impressive guy and full of helpful information!

Budgets are sexy

Not only do I 100% agree with their business name – because nothing says reliable, dependable, and stud than budgets to me. But, they’re jam packed with cool information and helpful resources. They’re this pretty sweet early retirement calculator that I keep eyeing because what’s not to like about retiring early!

Broke Millennial

Erin is one awesome-sause lady. She’s a writer, journalism and theater major, who’s using her degree to teach people about their finances and how to grab ahold of them. She’s earning close to $100K a year freelancing, writing a book, and from a full time job. Erin doesn’t just say it’s all easy though. She started out earning $23K and almost half of that towards rent. She’s seen the struggles and it’s taken her 4 years to get to this point. Which I deeply admire about Erin. It’s easy to talk about the end, but when you talk about the struggles to get there – that’s where I find it fascinating.

And then we saved

Anna, the author, was able to pay off $24K in only 15 months! She’s on a mission to help others get out of debt and live a free life. Her readership was able to pay off well over $2.5 million together as a team and I find that fascinating. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you have a strong support system!

Afford Anything

Paula is REAL. I mean super real when it comes to finances. I appreciate her brutal honesty and openness when it comes to finances and running your own business. There’s seriously no one else out there like her and I absolutely love that! Check her out when you need to check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Yep, I went there. I said that. Get used to it.

These are the bloggers that I check on the weekly, if not the daily, because of how inspirational they all are. Each one offers and brings something completely different to the table and I love that they found their voice, readership, and passion in this world. I seriously don’t know where I would be without reading their blog posts (hint: still in loads and loads of debt).

Here’s to endless reading and educating oneself –