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Living With Hashimoto's Disease

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been throwing around Hashimoto’s Disease a couple of times in previous posts. I was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago and it completely changed my life, but in the best way possible. So, Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune condition where your immune system thinks your thyroid is a foreign body and it basically goes HAM on destroying it.

Sounds fun right? Well, Hashimoto’s Disease often goes undetected. Turns out 1 out of 4 adult women develop Hashimoto’s Disease in their lifetime and that number is slowly increasing. Hashimoto’s symptoms are fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, and a couple other odd ball symptoms as well.

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Wishlist: Home Decor to Create A Perfect Hygge Home

So, we’re in the process of achieving Hygge in our home. If you haven’t heard about Hygge, check out this blog post. Basically, Hygge is the act of getting rid of things that you don’t 100% love. What’s the use of having stuff around the house that you kind of like? There’s really no use. So, get rid of that stuff and only buy things that make you happy and make you feel comfortable in your own home. Chances are if you only like 85% of the stuff in your house, you don’t 100% feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. So, in hopes of achieving Hygge – I’ve created a wishlist of things that we need to buy or repurpose in our home.

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Cheap Date Night Ideas

When you’re trying your best to save up money – a lot of the time your entertainment fund takes a huge blow. Which can make it tough on a marriage – no doubt about it. But, when it comes to cutting your entertainment budget for your date nights your marriage doesn’t need to suffer in the process. There’s plenty of things that you can do as a couple together for cheap or free! Here’s a list of things that you can do that won't break the bank!

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Minimalism: How to Apply It To Your Life

When it comes to minimalism, there are many things that you can do to help declutter your house, mind, electronics, and more. Knowing what to do and how to commit to minimalism is the biggest part of avoiding stuff from controlling your life. It’s important that you actively practice minimalism and look for ways to best declutter your life.

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20 Creative Ways To Save Over $17,226 a Year!

When you’re paying down debt, it’s important that you cut costs in any way that you can to throw those extra pennies towards debt! There are many creative ways to save money that I’ve found over the years and I decided to jot them all down in this blog post.

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Relaxation On A Dime

When you’re on a budget, I know it’s hard to fork over serious cash for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and the list continues. Relaxation is one of those things that you do when you pay off debt, right? Wrong! If you don’t relax while you’re paying off debt, you’ll put yourself in an early grave. You have to treat yourselves every now and then! I’m not talking expensive $120 haircut and color – I’m talking staying at home and relaxing on a dime. It’s not as hard as you think. (Just maybe a bit more complicated if you have kiddos, am I right?)

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Favorite Things: April 2017

Every now and then I’ll share what I’m currently swooning over. I’m a avid bargain shopper. You'll find me at every local goodwill hunting for a good bargain (it might be a slight problem – I decided to open an Etsy shop because I love it so much) and I’m always looking for the next best accessory, pair of overalls, or a record that fits my needs for the day. Here's all the things that I'm currently in love with for the month of April.

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A Bit About Ashlee & Binder

Hi – I’m Ashlee a lifestyle blogger empowering creative entrepreneurs to be debt free and live life on their own terms.

I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur and owner of this blog. This space is all about my journey to paying off over $171K in debt, finding my passions, and most importantly, building my business from the ground up.

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