Budgeting 101: Plus, Free Budget Sheets!


Now, budgeting is a tricky subject especially if there’s two people involved. It’s a point of stress and tension and can create many a headaches if not handled with love and compassion for that other person. Not including trust.

So, you are all well aware of the $171K of student loan debt that the hubs and I started out with. Talk about a point of tension for our marriage. But, we’ve been able to eliminate a ton of fights from one tool in specific. It seriously is the best thing we could’ve done before we got married.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is our secret. It allows us to create a budget and come together on a common understanding on what is best for us financially. So, here’s a glimpse into how we’re able to throw thousands of dollars towards debt monthly. I’ve also some generic included budget sheets for you to use! Feel free to download them and tweak them as necessary to best fit your budget.

Here’s all our secrets to saving thousands a month and hopefully becoming debt free in a matter of years.

  1. We first write down how much we expect to make a month. It’s fairly easy to calculate especially if you’re salary. Write that number down in the “monthly income” section.

  2. Now it’s time to write down your expected monthly bills. The hubs and I also put money into our different emergency funds. We consider these funds bills. So, we add those in there too.

  3. Be sure to think about anything that might be coming up for this month. Examples: Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. Make a note and set aside the amount that you think you’ll need to buy a gift.

  4. Add all of those things up and subtract it from your monthly income.

  5. Then we take that money and put it towards paying off debt!

Wahah – that’s our fail proof budget that helps us throw thousands of dollars towards debt monthly. Keep in mind that we also put money towards and have an emergency fund that is filled constantly – because there are always those unexpected expenses.

Of course – this is what works for our family. There’s always multiple ways to budget. But, this is what’s worked for us over the years.

I would love to hear about your budgeting tips and tricks below!

Happy budgeting!