Budgeting 101: Session Info

Budgeting 101: session info

Do you feel like your bank account is constantly at zero? At the end of the month, do you constantly think – "where the heck did all my money go?" What about – "aw crap, it's my mom's birthday next week – I guess I'll just put dinner on my credit card...again" You're not alone in this. Budgeting baffles hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. How do I know this? Because according to a recent study, only 1/3 of Americans budget. That means 214.3 million (MILLION) people who don't create a budget and don't know what happens to their money at the end of the month. 214.3 million is a lot of people. So, you're REALLY not alone.

I’m now offering private 1-on-1 budget review sessions where we’ll analyze your budget to your comfort levels and I’ll provide insightful tips that you could implement to improve your budget. We’ll hone in on your top 3 financial struggles and create a game plan to help you reach those goals. You’ll also get a recording of our session so you can look back on it to jog your memory and I’ll provide a print out of my notes and suggestions to have on hand, as well.

Not only do you get the initial one-on-one hour long budgeting strategy call, but I want to make sure that you’re being successful over the month and we’ll have a half hour recap about how last month went and if there’s any additional questions you may have for me.

As a bonus I’ll provide you budget sheets to keep track of your personal finances, goal sheets to keep those top 3 goals in mind, and a motivation desktop screen saver and print out for you to have handy to keep you motivated.

Do you love the sound of getting your personal finances under control and mapping out your goals with someone who knows the exact same struggles that you’re feeling right now?

I know exactly what struggles you’re dealing with. How do I know? Because you’re talking to someone who’s been in over $171,000 in debt and had to figure out how to climb out of that hole. I strategically offer this 3 part budget review session because I don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t have a way out. I know the way out and I’ve dug myself out before. So, I can help dig you out too.

Here’s how the 1-on-1 budget review sessions work:

  1. Book your free 30 minute discovery call where we’ll cover your top 3 long and short term goals.

  2. I’ll send you a link to schedule and purchase the package, if you choose to do so.

  3. If you decide to purchase the package, a questionnaire will automatically be sent to you.

  4. You submit the questionnaire at least 2 hours prior to our 1-on-1 with detailed answers that you’re comfortable with sharing with me.

  5. I’ll look over  your answers and see where I can help you align your finances with your goals.

  6. Then we figure out how to best help you get your finances under control and well on your way to achieving your wildest dreams!

If you’re ready to book your free 30 minute call, click here!

Let’s gain control of your finances and start to help you achieve your wildest dreams starting today. Book your free 30 minute discovery call.