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Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Here's Some Things I'm Thankful for and something you can be thankful for too! (Who doesn't love a good sale?!)

Well, it’s that time of year again. I don’t know how time flies so quickly – but it truly does. I feel like the years are getting shorter the older I get. It simply teaches me to appreciate the small things and really be thankful for everything that I’ve been blessed with in my life. I wanted to jot down a couple of things that I’m thankful for this year, and I also wanted to remind you that I’m having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop where you can find affordable printable home decor! (Plus, a lot of budgeting tips, workbooks, tools, and worksheets too!)

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Budgeting 101: Session Info

Do you feel like your bank account is constantly at zero? At the end of the month, do you constantly think – "where the heck did all my money go?" What about – "aw crap, it's my mom's birthday next week – I guess I'll just put dinner on my credit card...again" You're not alone in this. Budgeting baffles hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. How do I know this? Because according to a recent study, only 1/3 of Americans budget. That means 214.3 million (MILLION) people who don't create a budget and don't know what happens to their money at the end of the month. 214.3 million is a lot of people. So, you're REALLY not alone.

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5 Ted Talks That Will Inspire Frugality

I don’t know about you, but I love me some Ted talks. I find Ted Talks to be truly inspiring and they want me to change for the better and help the environment and plant while I’m at it. It’s amazing how dedicated these individuals are to their specific cause and I find it encouraging that there’s still good people out there in the world. Anyways, that’s my speal about Ted Talks. Here’s some Ted Talks that will inspire you to live a more frugal lifestyle.

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Why You Need A Budget and How to Budget

Budgeting is important for many many reasons. It gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly where your money went during the month. It also helps you plan for the future. Life has a funny way going up and down and round and round. There’s always something that happens unexpectedly and it’s important to be able to have a little bit of cash to back you up when your car gets a flat. Not only is is good for rainy day spending, but what about farther beyond that? How about retirement? It’s important to think about the long run when it comes to budgeting.

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Exciting News! Ebook 101 Launches Today!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my very first ebook launch! I’ve been tirelessly working on this behind the scenes for over 4 months now and today is finally here! I’ve decided to write an ebook on budgeting, for so many reasons. Let’s just focus on the top three.

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Figuring Out Your Financial Goals

When it comes to your finances, you’ll be amazed at what you can actually achieve if you put your mind to it. Most of the time, my clients dream too small! Believe it or not. If you still have 20+ years of being in the workforce – you have so much potential to achieve your wildest dreams. That’s something that I can promise you. But, in order to achieve your wildest dreams – you first need to know what your wildest dreams are!

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How to Get Your Financial Life in Order

When you work 40+ hours a week, cook, clean, raise children, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to keep everything organized, especially when it comes to finances. I know exactly how that feels, going through college, working multiple jobs, planning a wedding, and trying to keep my head on straight was difficult. During that time, I didn’t have my financial life together because I felt that I didn’t have the time to do it. In all actuality, I had plenty of time because I would watch at least one hour of Netflix during the day and spend the evenings talking with friends and hanging out. Especially when I was just starting out budgeting – I barely had anything to budget with. I only had two bills at the time and just needed to take care of myself which makes budgeting easy. For some reason I was reluctant to get it in order because that meant that I couldn’t spend the money however I wanted to, right? Wrong! It’s your money and it’s your budget. You can create a budget however you want to

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5 Steps to Managing Your Money Like An Adult

Budgeting is hard, isn’t it? It just seems like for some people it comes naturally – but for you – it doesn’t. That’s what I thought too until I realized the importance of managing my money like an adult! As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness – we’ll, I have an amendment to make to that statement. Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make life a bit easier, can’t it? Learning how to manage you money successfully means that you’ll be able to live your life how you want to.

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9 Finance Bloggers You Should Know About

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there it’s hard to narrow down this list to 10 people. But, these are 10 people that I really admire because of how dedicated they are to their readership and how successful they are. My success meter isn’t necessarily defined by how much income they bring in, but more about the fact that they’re making their dreams come true through their blog and making a difference for their readership.

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5 Ways To Eating Healthy On A Tight Budget

Healthy eating is a huge part of my lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and in trying to take care of my body, it’s important that I feed it the right fuel. I will live and breathe by eating healthy to fix some of your daily frustrations with your body. Once I cut the processed sugar, wheat, soy, and dairy from my diet I almost instantly felt like a different person.

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What You Need To Know About Student Loans

Student loans are a very scary topic when you’re a brand new adult and you’re going to college right out of school. Let me tell you, I didn’t know a single thing when I accepted those loans and vowed to pay them back in 4 or more years. Then you forget about them and forget that they’re accumulating interest over those 4 years – which is a scary thought especially if you have to pull out some majorly big loans. So, this post is to break it down into layman's terms to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into and to make sure that you can get out of debt (or not get into it at all) as quickly as possible!

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How to Save Over $419.26 A Year On DIY Products!

Making your own home and beauty products might seem cumbersome from the start. But once you start to jump into the making of it all I think you’ll realize that it’s super fun and cost effective to DIY everything in your house.

There are a lot of benefits to making your own home and beauty products.

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Cheap Date Night Ideas

When you’re trying your best to save up money – a lot of the time your entertainment fund takes a huge blow. Which can make it tough on a marriage – no doubt about it. But, when it comes to cutting your entertainment budget for your date nights your marriage doesn’t need to suffer in the process. There’s plenty of things that you can do as a couple together for cheap or free! Here’s a list of things that you can do that won't break the bank!

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20 Creative Ways To Save Over $17,226 a Year!

When you’re paying down debt, it’s important that you cut costs in any way that you can to throw those extra pennies towards debt! There are many creative ways to save money that I’ve found over the years and I decided to jot them all down in this blog post.

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Guest Post: Age-Based Investment Strategies That Will Put You On The Path Toward Financial Success

Am I the only person who from time to time, googles how much money should I have in my 401k by age X? I honestly wish there was someone to tell me the answer to how much money I should be saving by a certain age. But truthfully, there is no answer- everyone is different, every situation is different. There is no "secret number" as to how much you should have in your bank every time you turn a year older. I do believe however that there are simple strategies that we can take to set ourselves up for financial success at each stage of life and the earlier that we start, the better.

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How to Earn Money From Your Old Junk

You all know that I’ve been seriously decluttering my life. It’s been a long ongoing process, but every step of the way – I feel 100% better. I know I won't ever need that old junk again and I would rather give it to someone that gets joy out of my old junk than to keep it because it doesn’t bring me joy!

Along the way of getting rid of loads of stuff, I’ve learned tips and tricks of getting money back on your stuff so you can put that money towards paying off debt faster than you originally thought you could. Why not clean out your house and put that extra cash towards cleaning out your debt too?

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How to Save $1151 A Year!

Trying to pay off $171K in student loan debt is not an easy feat. It’s actually very difficult. Just in case you didn’t know. I mean, throwing every free penny you have to pay off debt takes a lot of dedication, determination, and sacrifice (because I’ve been eyeing a cute pair of sandals for months, but I know I shouldn’t get them). So, when it all comes down to it – saving every last penny on our bills will help us pay down debt even faster. What’s not to like, right?

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Running a Business For Cheap

Now, when you think of running your own business. Most think that it requires a huge initial start up investment. My friends – behold – my business only costs $72.12 a month to run. With an occasional additional fee for domain purchases and Squarespace site fees.

Here’s my monthly breakout in business expenses:

Adobe Creative Cloud – $53.44/month
Adobe Cloud – $10.68/month

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Budgeting 101: Plus, Free Budget Sheets!

Now, budgeting is a tricky subject especially if there’s two people involved. It’s a point of stress and tension and can create many a headaches if not handled with love and compassion for that other person. Not including trust.

So, you are all well aware of the $171K of student loan debt that the hubs and I started out with. Talk about a point of tension for our marriage. But, we’ve been able to eliminate a ton of fights from one tool in specific. It seriously is the best thing we could’ve done before we got married.

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How I Paid Off $13K of Student Debt in 8 Months

After graduating from college, I had about $21K of student debt under my belt. That number is after I worked (on average) 4 jobs while taking at least 15 credits per semester. It was tough. While I was in school, I was able to live with roommates and work for a local church for free housing in return. That helped me pay off about $8K in private loans and borrowing from family members (thanks grandma!).

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