Creating a Consistent Brand For your Blog


We all have those friends that are flakey and bail at the last second when you’re supposed to hang out with them. Did someone just pop up in your head? Yep, I have those friends too! (You know who you are, but I still love you;) So, when you’re not showing up consistently for your tribe – you’re one of those flakey friends! Before you grab a Kleenex and a tub of ice cream...wait...who am I kidding? Go ahead and grab that tub of ice cream regardless! There’s ways to prevent you from turning into that flakey friend!  

When you start out as an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to creating a trustworthy and consistent brand for your business. This helps your tribe and following to know that you’ll show up consistently and they can ask you questions and you’ll reply every time! Remember, building your tribe is all about friendships. So, when you don’t reply to their detailed comment or reach out to them – You’re making this relationship a one way street. Which it’s hard to make friends when the relationship is one sided, amiright? Here are 5 steps and a graphic freebie designed by yours truly to keep you consistent and to ensure that you’re providing the best content for your tribe.

Interact with your tribe on a daily basis!

Like I mentioned above. It’s so important that you are interacting with the people who love and follow you. Just like you reply to text messages from friends. Reply that that Instagram comment or that Facebook comment! Reach out to your interweb friends and bond across continents! I know that I’ve met some pretty amazing people by simply commenting back on my feeds.

Have an overall consistent look and feel (Freebie!)

When you open a website or Instagram profile, don’t you cringe if it’s all over the place? Without you even noticing, it’s conveying the message that you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t consistent. That’s the last thing you want to trigger in your potential clients, right?! Which brings it all back to that flakey friend. You know that they aren’t consistent, so whenever they say, “Let’s hang out!” You’re hesitant to really put it down in your calendar. To ensure that you’re keeping a consistent theme, I’ve decided to give away blog, Pinterest, and Instagram graphics so you can avoid looking inconsistent! Simply fill out the information on the form here, and you’ll be directed to the download page!

Find a business plan that you like and stick with it

This is something that I struggle with! But, I’m getting better at it. *high five!* When you have a stroke of genius when you’re taking a shower and this is the thing that’s going to take off – make sure that you stick with it!  Don’t jump around from one thing to the next because you’re not giving that opportunity enough time to really marinade. For all my foodies out there – the longer it marinates, the better it tastes, righttt??? So, do the same with your business. If after 6 months that idea isn’t working out, then move onto something different, but you need to give your tribe enough time to figure out if it’s something for them or not!

Create awesome content

Constantly be creating new and better content. When you’re constantly improving, there’s nowhere to go but up! You’re staying relevant in your brand and business and you’re providing the latest and greatest content for your tribe! Also, giving away freebies is always a good idea. You want to keep your audience engaged in what you’re saying and “hook” them in by offering the free content.

Just be you!

Last, but not least, is be yourself! We all, and I seriously do mean all, have had a point where we’ve compared ourselves to someone who’s more successful than us. We try copying what they did, to try and get their results – but that never works. I’ve been there. I’m speaking from experience. So, I decided to create content that I liked writing about and offering design services that I loved. Because, it’s my business after all – so why not love what I’m doing?

Don’t forget to sign up for the freebie to keep a consistent brand and avoid turning into that flakey friend. Always remember that you need to show up and stay relevant, have a consistent look and feel, find something that you like and stick with it, create one of a kind content, and lastly – be yourself! Because you’re amazing for who YOU are and what YOU do! What someone else is doing has already been done. So, breakout and do what you love doing the most!

Shout it out in the comments below and tell me what you love to do!