Dear Diary: Bucket List


I’ve decided that I want to write down all the things that I want to do before I die. It might be morbid – but I find it exhilarating. I think there are tons of people who take life for granted – I myself do occasionally.  So, I decided to create a bucket list of things that I would love to do before I, well, kick the bucket.

After graduating college and being in the workforce for a little bit, I noticed that I’m surrounded by people who are living their lives for retirement. By that, I mean, hating every second of their job, just to pay for a mortgage, car payment, and other things that we don’t really need! They are paying for stuff with hours of their lives. Which – blows my mind when it’s put like that. Yea, that thing that you bought from the dollar section in Target yesterday (*guilty*) was bought with a couple minutes from your life (depending on your hourly salary).

So, given that information – I’ve decided that it’s time to live a little more and buy a little less. I want to die and know that I won't have any regrets in my life.

So, here’s my bucket list of things I would like to do before I kick that bucket. 

  1. Pet a sloth

  2. Feed a giraffe

  3. Hang out with some elephants

  4. Save someones life

  5. Sell my artwork

  6. See the ball drop in New York on New Year's Eve

  7. Dance in the rain

  8. Publish a book

  9. Open an animal shelter

  10. Make a difference to a stranger

  11. See the Northern Lights in person

  12. Travel somewhere by closing my eyes and pointing on a map

  13. Release a floating lantern

  14. Be apart of a flash mob

  15. See Yosemite

  16. Take a stroll through the Redwood forest

  17. Participate in a polar bear plunge

  18. Send a message in a bottle

  19. Ride on a vespa in Rome

  20. Rescue an animal

  21. Tell our love story to our grandchildren

  22. Sing karaoke

  23. Take a nap in a hammock

  24. See Stonehenge

  25. Travel to Scotland

  26. Have tea and crumpets in England

  27. Visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower

  28. See The Mona Lisa

  29. Add a padlock to the bridge in Paris

  30. Get a meaningful tattoo

  31. Watch a meteor shower

  32. Learn how to surf

  33. Play Twister with paint

  34. Go to Machu Picchu, Peru

  35. Rent a glass igloo in Finland

  36. Watch baby sea turtles go into the ocean

  37. Attend the floating lantern ceremony in Hawaii

  38. Live in a tiny house and travel

  39. Hike to the top of a mountain

  40. Be debt free

  41. Go to Hawaii

  42. See an active volcano

  43. Go to greenland

  44. Take a picture on an iceberg in Alaska

  45. Tour a lighthouse/stay overnight in a lighthouse

  46. See the Emerald Pools in Zion

  47. Hike Angels Landing

  48. See Horseshoe bend

  49. See Antelope Canyon

  50. See the tulip fields in Oregon

  51. See White Cliffs of Dover

  52. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora

  53. Spend a night in a treehouse

  54. Build a blanket fort

  55. Experience Christmas in New York

  56. Rent a beach house for the summer

  57. Drive the 101 highway

  58. See Mount Rushmore

  59. Visit all National Monuments – in DC

  60. Ride a horse drawn sleigh/carriage

  61. Go to Ireland to see castles and Trinity College Library

  62. Niagara Falls

  63. Run through a field of sunflowers

  64. See a field of lavender

  65. Go to New Zealand

  66. Pay off debt and live debt free

  67. Visit east coast

  68. Go to the opera

  69. See a ballet

  70. Painting with paint balloon darts

  71. Go paintballing

  72. See the Beinecke Rare manuscript library at Yale

  73. See a sunrise at the beach

  74. See Harry Potter World

  75. Order dessert first at a restaurant

  76. See the roman colosseum

  77. Go back to the louvre

  78. See the Marietta Islands in Florida

  79. Go to the San Diego zoo

  80. Ride in a hot air balloon and/or see the hot air balloon festival

  81. Indoor skydiving

  82. Ziplining

  83. Go Salmon fishing in Alaska

(The things bolded are the ones I crossed off of the list – as you can see – there's a long way to go!)

This will be a continual list that I’ll update occasionally. I’ll add and cross out things as I go. I’m really, actually very, excited to finally have this list written out and put out there for the world to hold me accountable to!

It’s time to live a little more and stop living for the weekend.

Here’s to list making and kicking the bucket!