Dear Diary: Relax


When your husband’s away, the cat is out to play. Isn’t that how that saying goes? I apparently don’t fit in the cat category. I’m more of a tortoise. Wait, scratch that. I’m a snail. No, that’s not quite it either. I got it! My spirit animal is definitely a sloth. Anyways, the hubs is out on an important business trip and I’m at home alone with the two fur babies. So, what do I do? I grab my laptop, chocolate ice cream for dinner, and the most comfortable pair of sweatpants. Don't forget flinging that bra across the room the second I walk through the door and throwing my hair up in a messy bun. That’s the important part here.

Anyways – in all of this – I realized how important it is to treat yourself every now and then. Sure – it may be my birthday week, but I’m treating myself this whole week. Treating myself included a late night Netflix binge on Gilmore Girls (guilty pleasure) and stuffing my face with chocolate ice cream. But, don’t worry folks – I’m also adding yoga into the mix to try and work off that delicious chocolate ice cream.

While enjoying this wonderful night to myself – don’t worry, I’m happily married and miss my husband desperately – but a night is nice. Anyways, I was enjoying myself and realized that a lot of women probably don’t take a night to just be themselves. I’m just here to remind you that it’s ok to binge watch Netflix guilt free. The house didn’t burn down, the dogs are well fed and loved, AND to boot – I did laundry though this all. So, ladies – if you need a Netflix night. Take it. If you need a night out on the town (if that’s your thing), do it!

Take a moment out of your busy schedules to enjoy yourself and relax in whatever fashion you see fit. Plus, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to do it! Trust me, you can relax on a dime. Here’s a little list to get your ideas sparked if it’s been awhile and you forgot what the outside looked like.

  1. Binge watch Netflix – tell your hubs to take the kids or fur children and grab your latest ice cream favorite and take an hour or two to relax.

  2. Grab a McDonald's dinner with your friends – it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just get out with your friends and talk about life. It’ll be good – I promise.

  3. Have a spa day – Grab your nail polish, face mask, and latest magazine you’ve been putting off reading. Do your nails, put up your hair, and apply the greenest face mask that will scare off the neighbors. Apply generously. Enjoy.

  4. Take a walk, run, workout, do yoga – whatever it is that you enjoy doing that clears your head and works out those knots in your back. Do it. Work up a beautiful glistening sweat and feel great about yourself afterwards. Why? Because you’re awesome. That’s why.

  5. Have a dance party – I’m talking you, the best of the 90’s music, a mirror, and a hair brush kind of dance night. Dance all your stresses away. Plus, Nirvana is always a good idea.

  6. Pick up that book – I mean it. Pick up that book that you’ve been putting off for quite some time and read it. For hours. Seriously.

  7. Grab a towel, bathing suit, and your most glamourous Gone with the Wind kind of hat – Layout! Soak up the rays. If you’re anything like me – you need a tan.

  8. Hot bath – I mean, candles, book, soothing music. The whole shebang. This one could play into number 3 too.

  9. Baking night – depending on who you are – this might be a dream come true. Bake your favorite desserts or try new ones. Just have fun with it!

  10. DIY, craft, or make something – it’s about time you pull up your sleeves and lose yourself in a fun DIY.

Well, there you have it. Relaxing on a dime so you don’t have to feel guilty about it later. Trust me – you need one night. Take it. Relax and kick up your feet. Do whatever makes you happy and rejuvenate your spirit.

Happy relaxing,