Developing A Routine


When running your business, time is literally money. It’s crucial to develop a daily routine that you know you can stick to and will help you be the most efficient you can be. This will save you many frustrations and allow you to recognize areas that you excel in and areas that you need to work on – or hire out.

These tips are tips that I follow myself and have helped me exponentially. I can’t even tell you how much time I save – I get my tasks and projects done much faster now which means that I can turn on Netflix sooner (Low Key - I have an obsession with Netflix – but who doesn’t, right? *Nervous laugh*)

When you schedule your day out, you can schedule time where you scroll on Facebook or Instagram but when that time’s over – you move on to another task. Be nice to yourself – this is supposed to be fun, remember? All this does is eliminates the wasted hours where you get sucked into – what I call the scroll vortex. It’s where you’re scrolling on Facebook or Instagram and before you know it – two hours have gone by!

To develop a routine, here’s a list of things that you need to do in order to be the most productive with your day.

Make a list

List out all the tasks that you need to do in your day. Even the small things – like emails to a client. It will help you organize your day and make you feel more productive when you can cross those things off your list. You need to keep track of all the things that goes on in your day so you can adjust as necessary in the future. Because trust me – you won’t get it right the first time. But, that’s totally fine! Your business might change in a year or you offer new services and you’ll have to change your schedule around what changed in your business.

Batch Process

Start to analyze your work. You want to become as efficient as you possibly can to save yourself HOURS worth of work. Maybe you’re a photographer – batch process your work. Buy an action or create one that you know will work for 90% of your images. Let the equipment do the heavy lifting for you. Figure out a system that helps you to become as efficient as possible!

Know yourself

I’m not much of a morning person but I also like to stay up late sometimes – I’m that weird unicorn that’s not a morning or night person. So, I tailor my day to my own preferences. You can see what my daily routine looks like here. I know that I’m most productive during the morning – so I schedule my time around when I’m most productive – because what’s the point of working when you’re working at a snail’s pace, right? I only work 6 hours workdays and get off at noon every day. After that, I take a break and make myself a nice lunch and relax. That’s when I can binge watch Netflix or take the dogs for a walk or run errands!

Schedule in breaks

Hey, you broke free from the 9 to 5! Congratulations! Now, be nice to yourself. Seriously, TREAT YO SELF. How that looks depends on you. If you like working out – take an hour break in your day to workout. Maybe you like cooking delicious meals – then cook those delicious meals during your ‘workday’. You’re your own boss – so start treating yourself like one!

Lastly, stick to it! In order to develop a routine, you need to stick to it. When you’re needing to switch up your routine – give it about a week and then decide to change it. You need time to get into that mindset and stick to it.

Happy routine making!