DIY: All Natural Throat Lozenge

DIY Throat Lozenge

We all have those awful summer colds that seem to come out of nowhere and then suffocate us in the heat. I hope that you don’t catch that summer cold bug – but if you do – let’s be prepared.

You know, runny nose, congestion, sore throat all in the dead of summer. Yuck!

You could grab cold medicine or you could use all natural throat lozenges that will help aid you to feel better. I’m not going to say this is the cure for all colds, because I’d be lying. But, I’ll tell you this will make you feel a little bit better.

DIY Throat Lozenge

Here’s what you need:

1 Cup Earl Gray tea
1 lemon (juiced)
½ cup honey
1 tablespoon cloves

Here’s what you need to do:

First, make a strong cup of tea. I choose Earl Gray because of the bergamot which helps the immune system fight this pesky cold. But, choose any flavor of tea you would like. Pour the cup of tea in a pot and put on the stove top.

Add cloves – they’re known for breaking down the buildup of mucus.

Squeeze the lemon into the pot – if you’re a fan of lemon – add a lot. Lemon helps give you a great vitamin C boost.

Then, pour the honey into the pot. Honey is known for being an antioxidant, natural antibiotic, and antibacterial and can be used for many different things.

Allow your mixture to boil. Once it’s boiling, strain the cloves out. Then turn up the heat, but be careful. This mixture needs to get to about 300 degrees. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, grab a glass of ice water and drop a bit of the mixture into the glass. If it solidifies, it’s done.

Carefully spoon the mixture onto parchment paper. You’ll want about dime sized circles. Let the drops harden and cut the sheet of parchment paper when you’re ready to keep them around for just in case moments!

Let me know what you think about the throat lozenge in the comments below!