DIY: Budget Friendly Abstract Painting

Abstract Art Image

Let’s be real here. Art’s expensive! I’m trying to redecorate my home and turn it more modern – minimalist chic than country chic because that’s just not me anymore. But, in looking at purchasing artwork to hang up on the walls – I realized that it’s super expensive and there’s no way I can afford artwork on the tight budget that we’re on to save money towards paying off our debt.

So, in Ashlee like fashion – I said, “I can’t buy it, so I’m going to make it!”

Turns out this project was super fun and pretty easy to do. Seriously. It only took me one night to create several art pieces that I’m proud to hang up on the wall and call it art!

Plus, it was 100% free to me with the supplies that I had around the house from various other art projects and it was super easy to make. Turns out abstract art is all in the eye of the beholder. So, when you think you’re done. It’s a masterpiece to you! It’s that easy.

So, you’ll need:
Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paint

There’s really no rhyme or rhythm with this. I used black watercolor paint because I wanted something clean and simple. Plus, you can’t go wrong with black!

So, I simply cleared my mind and put my paintbrush to paper and this is what it looked like in the end! Don’t overthink it. Just let it flow out of you. If you think about it, you’ll just end up getting frustrated – well, I do anyways.

Abstract Art

I would love to see if you try this on your own time. Post a picture in the comments below!