DIY: Color Wrapped Wheat

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Fall has an amazing way to be colorful and beautiful. The change of warm summer to cooler nights, warm campfires, s'mores, and pumpkin everything! I think this is just about my favorite season! I decided to spruce up the house for this years fall festivities and try and keep it as cheap as possible!

So, what did I do? I went over to a my local craft store and grabbed a couple of stalks – just enough to fill a vase (if you live near a farm, you might be able to just grab a handful and call it good!) and some embroidery thread (which I probably use on a DIY in the future, so dual purpose!). Then I put the two together and this is that came out on the other side! Super fun and festive. I’m totally digging it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Wheat stalks
Embroidery thread


  1. You’ll want to grab very sturdy stalks of wheat and put a bunch of them together. I thought three or four looked nicely together.

  2. Wrap your wheat with embroidery thread – your favorite colors – or even fall festive colors. That’s completely up to you!

  3. Glue the end of the thread down so it doesn’t unravel and wahah! You’re done. Put it in a festive vase and display for all to see!


Idea adopted from Inspired By Charm