DIY: Home Decor Finger Painting

Finger Painting

When it comes to art, it get expensive. I figured it might be a fun experiment if I messed around with creating my own abstract art to hang around the house. I decided to create my own finger painting! Why not, right? I’m an adult and I still want to finger paint. Got a problem, come at me bro!

Ha. Just kidding. But seriously. This was such a fun little experiment and I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. Very abstract and super fun to make.

DIY Finger Painting

Here’s what you need:

Foil or Painters Palette

Mix the colors of paint that you want. Using your painters palette or foil, squirt your colors onto it. I like foil becaues it's an easy clean up. I decided to make a baby blue just for fun but you can make any color that fits with your home decor. Then, start finger painting! Once you feel like you’re done, let it lay flat to dry. Once dried, hang up in your home on display! If anything – it’s a good conversation starter!