DIY Lush-a-Like Lotion


You guys! I’m so excited to share this recent discovery of mine. I cannot tell you how big of a Lush fanatic I am. The whole environmentally friendly, cruelty and toxin free thing is right up my ally due to my Hashimoto’s Disease and my love of the environment!

The only problem with Lush – and I say this with a heavy heart – is that it’s a bit pricy for someone who is counting pennies. So, when I started to experiment in the kitchen and discovered this wonderful copycat recipe, I was amazed and super excited.

I’m hoping to continue to try Lush copycat recipes (Sorry Lush, I wish I could shop at your store more often but the budget doesn't allow spending hundreds of dollars a month). Because this one is so spot on – I can't even tell you!

Note: this product has a shelf life. Be sure to note the expiration on the products you’re making. If your products are about to expire, so is your lotion. I’ve had mine for about two months and it’s still going strong. But, just be aware!

Ok, here’s how to make this recipe!

½ cup olive oil
½ cup Shea butter or cocoa butter
2 tablespoons almond oil (or jojoba oil)
3 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal
1 tablespoon vitamin E oil
(Optional: essential oils – I love lavender but feel free to use any combination you like)


  1. Melt your oils and butters in a microwave safe container.

  2. Grind up your oats in a food processor, blender, or a coffee grinder (I’m not 100% sure about the coffee grinder – but in theory it should work)

  3. Add in your new finely ground oatmeal and vitamin E oil

  4. Lastly stir in your essential oils and let cool and harden. You’ll have an amazing whipped body butter that’s perfect for any type of dry skin!

Here's the cost breakdown: I spend on average about $30 every 6 months or so on lotion. So, by DIY-ing my own lotion I'm able to save just around $60 a year. Add that up with DIY boot oil, deodorant, perfume, toothpaste, face wash, fabric softener, dryer sheets, laundry soap, and mouthwash – that's quite the savings! ($419.26 to be exact!).

That's a ton of dollars to throw towards pesky debt. One baby step closer!

Let me know if you’re in love with this lotion like I am!

Happy lotioning!