Favorite Business Tools: June 2017

Favorite Things: June 2017

This month’s favorite things will will revolve around my business and the tools that I love using and would recommend to any creative entrepreneur. I decided that it was time to automate a lot of my business tools so I didn’t have to always have a hand in posting. This gives me much more time to focus on the growing the business side of things and providing useful resources for my readers!

*This post may contain affiliate links, but everything that I say in this post is 100% acurate. I would never promote something that I haven't used and love.*

I recently switched over a couple of my tools and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. In searching for the perfect tool – it’s hard. A lot of big name bloggers recommend tools that are totally different and it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

So, given that. Find a tool that works best with your lifestyle and you blogging style. Each tool is slightly different because everyone is a little bit different and blogs a different way. Ultimately, it comes down to what will help you the most. The following tools are what work best for me and my posting schedule.


I’ve been making a huge push to grow my Pinterest followers because that’s my absolute favorite social media outlet. If I could get paid to spend all day on Pinterest – that would just about be my dream job. Tailwind is a super useful tool because it allows you to schedule for months in advance and it analyzes your peaks in traffic so it posts during those times. I tried out the 30 day trial because I heard a lot of good things about it. Within that 30 days I gained at least 200 new followers and grew my traffic from about 8.5K monthly views to 13.5K monthly views! Not only are my Pinterest numbers growing, but it all runs behind the scenes. I spend maybe an hour at most on Pinterest working to schedule for the month and walah! If you use my special link you’ll get $30 off Tailwind Plus!


I used to use Grum, but it get’s pretty expensive really quickly. $9.95 adds up over the course of the year. So, I found Later.com which is free for 30 posts a month. It’s a super easy tool that you can use on your phone or on the computer – which Grum didn’t have an app. So, that’s a plus! Not only do you get to schedule your posts, but it’ll also save your most used hashtags. No more #typingthemineverytime. Now, that’s what I call a win! If you sign up through my link – we’ll each get 10 more posts per month for free!


I have a really small email list right now that I’m working on growing in the coming months. But, I’ve had no problems with Mailchimp. I find a lot of helpful tools when I can’t figure out how to do something and it’s also free for the first 2,000 subscribers. Which, I’m well under for the moment.


When it comes to selling stuff – I trust in Etsy. 100% of the way. It’s a really easy platform to use. Right now I sell constellation prints and vintage clothes to help earn some extra monthly income. It’s a super easy tool and everything could also be automated. So, when people buy my digital downloads – I don’t have to do a single thing. I just watch that money roll into my bank account! Plus, when I schedule posts promoting my Etsy on Later and Tailwind – it’s all automated. I could be taking a nap and earn a passive income (true story!). If you click on my link, we’ll both get 40 free listings saving us both $8! Depending on what you sell, you may not need more than 40 so your start-up cost would be free!


I’ve used both SquareSpace and Wordpress and I honestly love SquareSpace’s simplicity. Everything is easy to understand, (are you noticing a common theme? I like running a simplified business) and it’s decently priced considering there’s really nice built in templates that you would have to pay money for on Wordpress. With SquareSpace, I schedule all my blog posts so that’s all automated. I even push out those new posts to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all behind the scenes! There’s even a built in commerce section where you can sell your product directly from your website.


I’ve used BlueHost for several years now and haven’t had a single problem with them. They’re really helpful and even call and check in when you first buy your domain. Not only is it a great company, but it’s also only $3.95 a month if you use my link! You really can’t find a better deal around with such great customer service.

There you go! That’s all the tools that I use to run my business effectively and efficiently. Do you have any tools that you use that you absolutely love? Shout it out in the comments below!