Gaining Pinterest Traffic on A Budget

Gaining Pinterest Traffic on a budget using Tailwind

You guys! I’m so excited to share my new tool with you. I’ve been using Tailwind for about a month and I can’t even tell you how useful it is in growing my following on Pinterest. Seriously.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory about Pinterest. I’m on Pinterest at least once a day pinning my little heart out. Why? Because if I had to choose any social media platform, it would be Pinterest. I like the usability, functionality, and all the cool stuff that you find on there.

So, my Pinterest page was at a standstill of about 2,200 followers for years. Seriously people. YEARS! I heard about Tailwind through the grapevine and I decided that I wanted to give it a shot. Tailwind is super cool and super proud of its success that it lets you try it out for free for your first 100 pins! That’s how confident they are that you’ll want to purchase from them in the long run.

Tailwind is a super useful tool because it allows you to schedule for months in advance and it analyzes your peaks in traffic so it posts during those times. Within that 30 days I gained at least 200 new followers and grew my traffic from about 8.5K monthly views to 13.5K monthly views.

(Edit: one month later and I'm at 56.1 monthly views and 2,700 followers on my Pinterest account! Tailwind is magic. I'm convinced!) 

Don't believe me, check out my Pinterest statistics!

Pinterest Monthly Views


Not only are my Pinterest numbers growing, but it all runs behind the scenes. I spend maybe an hour at most on Pinterest working to schedule for the month and walah! If you use my special link you’ll get $30 off Tailwind Plus!

Here’s a screenshot of my growth over the past week and it’s only been increasing. See all those green numbers? That’s just within the last week. So, right now, I’m gaining about 100 new followers a month by simply scheduling my pins. When two months ago I was at a solid standstill.

Tailwind Screenshot

Through purchasing the Tailwind Plus account, you get access to a ton of useful statistics. You’ll see where your followers are most engaged and on what boards. A lot of my statistics surprised me and I now know where I need to focus most of my attention to tailor my boards more towards finance and business because that’s where most of my engagement scores are at.

Not only is Tailwind helping me grow my following, but it’s also helping me understand what my followers want to see and how to tailor my future blog posts for them! There’s also tools that help me monitor my domain and how many people are pinning content from my website.

I would highly recommend Tailwind to anyone and if you use my link, you’ll be able to get $30 off of the years price or your first two months free! So, I’m at three months of free Tailwind. So, at the end of this year I’ll only have to spend $7.41 a month on Tailwind. Which isn’t bad at all considering the results I’m getting.

So, it’s a super useful tool that I would recommend to any creative entrepreneur that wants to see real results on their blog posts and growing traffic to their site. I would recommend this tool in a heartbeat! 

(*This post may contain affiliate links, but I wouldn't recommend something that I don't absolutely love using. This is 100% my real opinion and I stand behind it and Tailwind*)