How I Paid Off $13K of Student Debt in 8 Months


After graduating from college, I had about $21K of student debt under my belt. That number is after I worked (on average) 4 jobs while taking at least 15 credits per semester. It was tough. While I was in school, I was able to live with roommates and work for a local church for free housing in return. That helped me pay off about $8K in private loans and borrowing from family members (thanks grandma!).

After I graduated I had an additional $21K (and change) that I needed to pay off. If you don’t know this already, I HATE the idea of debt. It feels like a physical weight on my shoulders whenever I think about it. Once I make a payment, I feel like I just took a brick out of my backpack and could leave it behind on my journey. So, each step I take, each payment I make, is one brick closer to free shoulders! (bear with my analogies – you’ll hear a lot of them – who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love them!)

Giving every extra penny that my husband and I have, we were able to pay off $13K in student debt in about 8 months through this business and blog and also keeping a very tight budget! If you’re looking to start your own blog to pay down your debts – because it works people! (Click here!)

Here’s the breakdown of how we paid off 11K in debt in about half a year –

I graduated in May, so we started to save up in July to throw big payments on my loans. October, November, and December were rough months when it came to saving because holiday’s and saving up to visit family in different states. But we jumped back on the bandwagon in January.

July – $2,206.00
August – $2,563.00
September – $2,598.78
October – $518.00
November – $519.00
December – $637.71
January – $2,212.71
February – $1,449.84

Total: $12,705.04

All of this extra money was an accumulation of my husband and I working 9 to 5, running a business, and two Etsy shop's where I sell downloadable prints and vintage clothes on the side. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of tears involved in this. But, in the end – it’s all worth it to be able to say that we paid off over $21K in a little over ONE YEAR!

This is a long ongoing process, but I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to get such a big jump start on our loans. There were many months where we didn’t go out and do anything because we were focused on paying off debt. Luckily, we live in a beautiful area so there were plenty of things to do for free before winter hit. Now, it’s a little more boring – but we are still laser focused on paying off debt and unpacking all those bricks (ha! You thought I was done with that analogy – didn’t you?)

Only $10K to go! I’ll give updates on how paying down debt is going so, stay tuned! I’m estimating that we’ll be able to pay off my student loan debt completely in June 2017. Wanna hold us accountable? Comment below and give us the encouragement that we desperately need!

Happy saving!