Wishlist: Home Decor to Create A Perfect Hygge Home

What I need To Create Perfect Hygee Home

So, we’re in the process of achieving Hygge in our home. If you haven’t heard about Hygge, check out this blog post. Basically, Hygge is the act of getting rid of things that you don’t 100% love. What’s the use of having stuff around the house that you kind of like? There’s really no use. So, get rid of that stuff and only buy things that make you happy and make you feel comfortable in your own home. Chances are if you only like 85% of the stuff in your house, you don’t 100% feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. So, in hopes of achieving Hygge – I’ve created a wishlist of things that we need to buy or repurpose in our home.

What I need to create a perfect Hygge home

New Couch

We bought our current couch from Goodwill for $15. It really was a steal and we’ve been happy with it for the past two years. But, that poor couch is really falling apart and it’s time we invested a bit of money into a new couch that is ours and we 100% love.


I think pillows can make or break a space. It’s amazing how much the look of your home can change by simply swapping out the pillows. I’m shooting for a warm and cozy feeling. You know, the “I can’t help but crash here and watch endless Netflix episodes” kind of cozy.

Throw Blanket

I might have a problem when it comes to throw blankets. There’s one on every piece of furniture we own. I just think it’s the perfect accessory and how can you not want to cozy up with a book when there’s a blanket involved, right?

Warm Cozy Lighting

This is crucial. Lighting really can make or break a space. I hate hate hate fluorescent lighting and it’s one of the most common in apartments. Which is the worst. So, to get around that I just buy a lot of lamps and only turn those on. It makes the whole room cozy and relaxing.

Show Stopper Curtains

Curtains can make or break a room. Heavy, textured, and tall curtains are necessary to achieve Hygge in your home. The heaviness will bring a sense of comfort and home and texture just adds to that. By hanging your curtains above your window you’ll make the room seem bigger than it really is. If you choose light colored curtains – that would also allow the space to open up and seem lighter as well.


Rugs are perfect if you have hardwood floors. They definitely add texture and warmth to the space. They also help to define each space. For example, one for the living room and an additional one for the dining room. It helps create a definite line between each space without closing in walls and making it look claustrophobic.

Cozy Comforter

This is one of my favorites – I’m swapping out our busy and intricate comforter with a light basic comforter. It’ll make the room look airier and more inviting. Top it off with some cozy decorative pillows and a throw blanket and you’ve just made the perfect hygge bedroom.

Wall Decor

I’m looking forward to simplifying our wall decor. Right now we have a conglomeration of a bunch of different things that I don’t 100% love. So, by swapping it out with a accent gallery wall that’s perfectly framed and hung – it’ll clean up the space and be a perfect place to hang anything that’s special and meaningful to the hubs and I.

Soy Candles

You’ve achieved perfect Hygge in your home, It’s so important to not mess all that up with chemical ridden candles. Be sure that you buy lots and lots of soy candles to finish off the look.

Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser

Now that you’ve mastered the overall look in your home, it’s time to make sure your home smells like home. By investing in a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser you’ll help your home smell wonderful and seem more cozy and inviting.

Remember Hygge is all about eliminating the mess and minimizing the stuff in your life so you can enjoy life more. So, don’t purchase things that you’ll never use. Be very selective. If you don’t 100% love it – put it back.

I would love to hear how you’ve hygge’d up your home! Just drop a note below and it’ll bring a smile to my face to see that you’ve made huge steps to living a life that’s tailored to you and your well being.