How to Earn Money From Your Old Junk

How To Earn Money From Old Junk

You all know that I’ve been seriously decluttering my life. It’s been a long ongoing process, but every step of the way – I feel 100% better. I know I won't ever need that old junk again and I would rather give it to someone that gets joy out of my old junk than to keep it because it doesn’t bring me joy!

Along the way of getting rid of loads of stuff, I’ve learned tips and tricks of getting money back on your stuff so you can put that money towards paying off debt faster than you originally thought you could. Why not clean out your house and put that extra cash towards cleaning out your debt too?

There are several places that I’ve found let you sell them your old junk. Some charge fees, so be wary of that. But, all in all, you’re getting money back on all your old junk that you originally didn’t have!

How to earn money from your old junk

Consignment shops

There are a couple of consignment shops in my town that take different things. One is a bookstore that takes old books and offers cash or store credit which either is great considering the mass amount of books I read in a given year. Another  local shop is a clothing store that takes gently used and in style clothing. You don’t get much for your old jean jacket from the early 2000’s but it’s something!

Online Apps to sell stuff

There are several online apps that allow you to sell things to your community and to the world. With a quick google search I pulled up Poshmark, Carousell, Offer Up, and even Instagram is a way to sell your stuff online. Especially if you have a large following – chances are your #1 fans would pay pretty good money to have their hands on that shirt you wore 123 post back!


Craigslist is a free site where you post your old stuff to your community to sell. It’s 100% free. I would highly recommend that you meet up in a location however. Because you’re inviting someone to pick up something – it’s just kind of sketchy. Better to be safe than sorry!


Back in highschool, I used to Ebay everything! I mean everything. I haven’t touched Ebay in a while but the concept still stands. Sell your old junk on Ebay and get money back in return. What’s not to like about that? The only downside is there is a small fee involved for selling your stuff. Nothing too big, but it’s something to note!


I had the idea, when getting rid of all my old junk, to open up an Etsy shop to try and sell it all! Why not, right? So, this shop is where I sell all my old vintage junk that other people absolutely adore – I mean check out those reviews! I’m so happy that my junk is bringing someone else joy. Plus, I make at least $50 a month off of it. Not bad, right?

Getting rid of stuff can be hard emotionally, but when it’s going to a good cause (paying down your debt!) it makes getting rid of things that much easier. Are there any ways that you sell your old stuff? Maybe something I didn’t cover in this post! Shout it in the comments below!