How to Save $1151 A Year!


Trying to pay off $171K in student loan debt is not an easy feat. It’s actually very difficult. Just in case you didn’t know. I mean, throwing every free penny you have to pay off debt takes a lot of dedication, determination, and sacrifice (because I’ve been eyeing a cute pair of sandals for months, but I know I shouldn’t get them). So, when it all comes down to it – saving every last penny on our bills will help us pay down debt even faster. What’s not to like, right?

Ok, so we decided that we wanted to cut back on internet, phone plan, car insurance and Netflix. We had ludicrous speed for an internet plan – which was a bit over rated anyways – because all we ever do on it is watch Netflix anyways. So, we were able to cut back that plan by $20 a month. Which may not seem like a lot, but just wait to the end of the blog post! It all adds!

Next was cutting down on our phone plan (which we might be able to get our phone bill down to $30 a month – saving a total of $50 a month by switching providers to **Republic Wireless**). We were able to cut down our phone plan by $10 a month by observing how much data we use on average per month and cutting the rest. What’s the point of paying for a service you don’t use anyways? Right?

Lastly was our lovely car insurance. My sweet husband drives a $400 car that we bought from a friend as a wedding gift. He loves that car so much that we were paying for full coverage on his car. Which, if you do the math, is just plain silly because we’ve spent the cost of the car on insurance alone. So, we bumped down that coverage giving us back an additional $30 a month.

Lastly, we decided to get rid of Netflix DVD’s and just stream. This saved us a whopping total of $1 – but over the course of a year. That adds up and is a couple of coffee’s every couple of months. Which, if you ask me, I’ll take any extra coffee that I can get!

So, all in all we were able to save a grand total of $61 a month! Now, you might be thinking – “oh, well, that’s it”. Think again! Over the course of one year – that saves us a grand total of $732!

Now, think of that money going straight towards debt. I like the sound of that!

Not only are we saving $732 a year on our bills alone. We’re also saving $419.26 by me making DIY beauty and home products and that list just keeps growing as I experiment more on what I liked and didn’t like about certain products. So, now we’ve been able to save (drum roll please) $1151.26 in just one year!

Anything to get us one step closer to becoming debt free, right?

Happy savings folks!