How to Save Over $419.26 A Year On DIY Products!

How to save $419.26 A Year by d.i.y-ing your beauty products

Making your own home and beauty products might seem cumbersome from the start. But once you start to jump into the making of it all I think you’ll realize that it’s super fun and cost effective to DIY everything in your house.

There are a lot of benefits to making your own home and beauty products.

  1. Over the months of me making most of my own home cleaning products and beauty products I’ve noticed that I feel better because I’m not constantly putting chemicals on my body.

  2. We have a little bit of extra cash that we can throw towards our debt every month which is super exciting.

  3. It’s super fun to make and customize your own products. You can make it smell exactly how you like (my favorite is lavender) – I feel like I just stepped out of a spa resort every time I wash my face because the scent is completely customizable to what I love smelling and it’s perfect for my oily skin.

How to save $419.26 A Year by d.i.y-ing your beauty products

Over the course of the year, we save a total of $419.26

Minty Fresh Toothpaste $37.92
Spa Fresh Face Wash $116.00
Fabric Softener $38.00
Dryer Sheets $16.00
Laundry Soap $54.44
Lush Like Lotion $59.90
Mouthwash $5
Boot Oil $5
Deodorant $20
Perfume $70

Total: $419.26

All those little things really do add up over the course of the year! I can’t believe that I’ve been able to save so much money just by making my own products that I love and are chemical free that actually help our pocket book!

Do you have any DIY recipes that you love and adore? Comment below!