2017 Q1 Goals


Well, in Ashlee like fashion – I’m late to the quarterly goals post. Being on time was never really my style anyways. So, fashionably late here I come! In my journey to paying down debt I realized that I need to hold myself accountable in this journey or I’m just not going to get anything done because procrastination is a thing – hey my fellow procrastinator! I see you! So, this is one way that I’m holding myself accountable to my own goals and what I where I would like to see this blog going in the next couple of years. Feel free to join me in this accountability journey – seriously, i’m looking for fellow friends who need accountability help! Count me in.

For the first quarter of the year (*cough – that I’m fashionably late to – cough*) these are my following goals.

  1. Post at least 3 times a week – this one is a no brainer – but I’ve always had a hard time to sticking to a schedule, so this is one sure fire way to do it.

  2. Social media – it’s a thing I should be using more often. I want to post daily to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest – oh, and interact with all of you lovelies on a daily basis. So, be sure to catch me over there! Let’s chat!

  3. Grow my blog and get at least 500 monthly views – this can be done in several ways (i.e. social media) but also making other blogger friends out there who share the same passions that I do and maybe host a giveaway or two!

  4. Give my readers, yes you! Content that they love looking at. I’m planning on sending out a survey to all my fabulous readers to see what they’re looking for from me. So, I can know how to best help you because that’s why I’m here after all!

Well, I think 4 goals are good enough for the remainder of this quarter. Check back in towards the end of this quarter to see how I ended up doing and my goals for next quarter. Eep – here goes nothing!

Lots of love,