Minimalism: Organizing your Life to be more Efficient

Minimalism: Organizing your life to be more efficient

If you haven’t heard yet, minimalism is one of my favorite topics to write on because I use it in my everyday life. I find it cleansing, eye opening, and time saving. I’m the queen of efficiency, so if I can save myself time. Chances are I’m already doing it. Minimalism has helped me declutter my life, figure out my priorities, and make me more efficient in everything that I do. This saves me tons of time, which allows me to have more time doing what I love.

If you’re ready to start cleaning out clutter in your life and organizing every aspect – this post is for you. I cannot tell you how life altering the minimalist lifestyle is. Taking a step away from consumerism and understanding the importance of moments and not things will shift your life in the right direction. The need for keeping up with the Joneses is futile and unfulfilling. Minimalism and giving are some of the most fulfilling things that you can do in your life.

When you organize your life, you’ll have more time with your family, doing what you love, and simply enjoying your time here on this planet. I know, I know. I sound granola crunchy. I understand that, but I think the granola crunchy people have some good ideas.

Write things down

I don’t know about you, but when I write things down a burden is lifted off of my shoulders. When you are able to write things down, it frees up your brain to think about other things. Don’t keep everything in your head because it causes stress and anxiety. I don’t know about you, but I have enough stress and anxiety in my life so I jot down everything that I can so I don’t have to remember it. Frees up my brain for creativity.

Make schedules and set deadlines

I don’t know about you, but when I make a schedule for myself and set that deadline – I feel like that is written in stone and I have to get it done! I have my eye on the prize and I don’t look away until that task/project/chore is completely done. By doing this, I get rid of distractions in my life and find myself with much more time at the end of the day!

Put things in their place

If you put things back into their proper place the first time, you don’t have to do a sweep of the house before you go to bed. Which, allows you to focus on getting ready for bed and clearing out your mind before you sleep. This will help you sleep much better and it’ll save yourself time from doing the same things twice. Now, I know this may be harder for those of you who have kids. In that case, I would recommend that you give them an incentive to put things back in their original place. Depending on the age group, there’s a lot of incentive that you can freely give if they do the tasks the first time without being asked. This will get them on the right path for putting things away without you asking and will also set them up in the future as well.

Automate everything you can

Wherever you can automate things in your life, take that advantage! If you have a robot vacuum. Utilize it. That saves you time during the day that could be spent with loved ones or doing what you love most. Especially when it comes to bills. This will save you endless brain space if you automate your bills. Think about it, if you’re constantly worried about when bills are due or if a bill is late, then you’re giving yourself stress for no reason when there’s a automation tool that’s readily available for most bills that you have. Save yourself time, stress, and release that brain space for you to use on something else you would enjoy much more!

Pray, meditate, or have “me” time

It’s so important for you to clear out the cobwebs in your head and make sure that your mind, as well as your body (coming up next!), is in great shape. I put the mind first, because if your mind isn’t in a good space. You won’t be motivated enough to get your body in a good space. Whatever your “me” time looks like – create a schedule to always pencil in that time for yourself. If your head space isn’t clean, chances are you life space isn’t clean either.

Eat healthy & take care of your body

When it comes to organizing your life, you need to organize yourself as well. Create a schedule that allows you to take care of yourself and time to cook delicious and healthy food on a daily basis. You need to have a clean bill of health (or as clean as it can be) in order to organize other bits and pieces of your life. Don’t underestimate the power that clean eating and a regular workout can do for your physical body, mental health, and confidence in finding who you are and what you’re most passionate about.

Don’t procrastinate

When it comes to efficiency – you can’t procrastinate. That’s the opposite of efficiency! There are always tasks on our to do list that will stay there week after week (some of them on a daily basis). Think laundry, dishes, dusting, moping – all chores that we regularly procrastinate doing (myself included!) but when you procrastinate, you’re allowing that task to take up space in your head. I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty if I can’t get something done when I thought it was going to get done. This is a waste of your time and energy. Chances are, you think about procrastinating on that task more than the actual task will take for you to complete. When it comes into your head, simply do it. Then it’s done and you can have space in your head for other things!

Get rid of junk

This is one of my favorite things about minimalism. I love, and I seriously do mean love, getting rid of things. There’s something about a good spring clean that just feels accomplishing and like a huge weight just got lifted off of my shoulders! I think it’s because I know that these things aren’t fulfilling me in my life and I take time out of my day to clean, organize, fold, or put away something that I don’t even love. When I allowed myself to get rid of the things I didn’t love, I filled my life with things that I do love and it’s completely changed the way I feel about stuff. I appreciate everything that I have in my home and I want to make sure that it stays around for a long time. Out with the idea of buying something because it’s on sale – that likely means that you’re just going to put it in the junk pile in a couple months anyways. To make your life more efficient, get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you.

Organize your fridge, pantry, and everything else

It’s embarrassing to think that I couldn’t find anything in my pantry or fridge because it was filled to the brim with old food, food I didn’t even like, or just because I had poor organizational skills and decided that the big boxes could go up front – even though I couldn’t see anything behind it. I spend countless minutes shuffling through my pantry or fridge trying to find that one thing that I was looking for while trying not to burn my delicious food that was on the stove. Organize your pantry or fridge and you’ll be able to conquer the world! Or, at least the kitchen.

That’s how I organize my life to be the most efficient that I can possibly be. Shout it out in the comments below if you have tips on being organized around your home!