Relaxation On A Dime

Relaxation on a Dime

When you’re on a budget, I know it’s hard to fork over serious cash for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and the list continues. Relaxation is one of those things that you do when you pay off debt, right? Wrong! If you don’t relax while you’re paying off debt, you’ll put yourself in an early grave. You have to treat yourselves every now and then! I’m not talking expensive $120 haircut and color – I’m talking staying at home and relaxing on a dime. It’s not as hard as you think. (Just maybe a bit more complicated if you have kiddos, am I right?)

I’m seeing a theme when it comes to paying off debt and putting your health aside – heck! I even did that. But, after learning the hard way and giving myself some serious medical condition, along with weight gain, breakouts, and many other weird side effects of stress. So, let’s not do that to yourself, ok? For the sake of your family and your own body – treat yourself and even allow your family to relax in whatever way they need. Here’s a list of free things to do around your house that allows you to relax on a dime!

Relaxation on a Dime

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

This one I’ve done for years and I never go to a nail salon anymore. I would rather be in my PJ’s and watch a movie than go to a salon. Pick our your favorite nail color from that drawer, pop in a good movie, and get to painting! Plus, this saves me about $540 a year!

At home facial

I know going in and getting a facial is so nice. They have music, it smells good, and someone is waiting on you hand and foot. But wait, couldn’t you make your own facial (for cheap!), throw on some soothing music, put your DoTerra aromatherapy lamp on, and lay down with cucumbers over your eyes, couldn’t you? This could possibly save you $660 a year!

At home hair mask

I have very dry and thin hair, so when I go into a salon and ask for a hair treatment to give my hair life again, it always costs a fortune. But, if I make my own hair mask at home then I can pop in a good movie and sit in my PJ’s. Which is my favorite thing to do, if you haven’t noticed! This saves me on average $100 a year!

Movie night

Well, do you see a theme? I really love watching movies. It’s definitely my number one way that I relax. So, pop in your favorite feel good movie and relax. Don’t think about everything else that you need to do. Simply relax!

Make crafts using stuff from around the house

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the stuff that’s lying around your own home! Go to Pinterest and see what you can make with the old junk that you’ve got and create something new and useful!

Go for a walk

Sometime physical activity can really rejuvenate you. If you’re a runner, take that walk one step further and go for a nice slow and relaxing run. There’s nothing like that after run feeling that feels like you could conquer the world!

Go to your nearest beach or lake and soak up the sun

Vitamin D can also do a lot of good for you if you need to relax. Take it one step further and put on your bathing suit and get a tan! You’ll walk away feeling fabulous and everyone will tell you you look so good and ask what you did this weekend!

Read a book

Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in another world in order to relax. Give yourself a couple of hours and a good book that you’ve been dying to pick up for months. Treat yourself.

Ask your spouse to give you a massage!

If you’re really generous, you can switch and both of you could benefit from it! I know it’s always nice to be massaged, but I always found it weird that you stripped naked and had a stranger put their hands all over your body. I find it hard to relax in situations like that. But, with your partner – it’s a lot easier to relax. You can even take it a step farther and watch (have your partner watch) some YouTube videos on how to give relaxing massages. This saves me about $660 a year!

Organize (This one might be just me)

So, I may be stretching it here. But I really do find organizing really relaxing. Because at the end of all your hard work you have a home where everything has it’s place and I think that’s one of the most relaxing things! Because your house stays clean for several days afterwards (given you don’t have children. LOL.)


If you’re a painter. Put on soothing music and paint a relaxing scene. That can be one of the best ways truly relax. Because you’re picturing yourself in that place and it’ll put your mind at ease and you’ll have an amazing painting you can look back on when you’re feeling stressed and remember that moment.


I bullet journal and I find that very soothing and relaxing. I put all my thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, dreams, and much more in my bullet journal. There’s something about physically writing it down that helps relax me. It’s like I don’t have to keep all that stuff in my head, which is anxiety provoking, and it’s all written down so I don’t have to remember a thing.


Sketching is super fun for me. Goes hand in hand with the bullet journal idea. I love to doodle and sketch because it lets your mind wander and go to places it usually doesn’t – like what vacation you want to take next!


I don’t do this nearly as much as I would like to but yoga is always good for the body and mind. It allows you to relax everything and just focus on what your body is doing in that place. No thinking about dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, or whatever it is that you need to do that day.


Along side of yoga is meditation or prayer. It’s important relax your mind because your mind is in control of what your body is doing, even if you don’t know it! If you’re stressing out about everything that needs to be done for the day – guess what? Your body responds to that. So, your muscles are tense, maybe you have a headache or stomach ache which makes your to-do list harder to achieve!


Baking is super soothing to me. Something about mixing ingredients together and at the end getting something that I made and delicious is a huge plus!

When it comes to treating your body with care, please do. There’s so many ways that you can relax without it burning a hole in your wallet. Friends, please take a moment out of your day to relax. Even if it’s an hour or two. That will go a long way in the end.

Happy relaxing,