Growing Your Blog Without Spending Money

Growing Your Blog Without Spending Money

Growing your blog can be one of the hardest things to do for some, and the easiest for others. When it comes to growing your blog, it really is networking and being your true self. There’s nothing else that you need. If you think you need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertising, then you’re wrong. Would it help you grow your audience fast? Sure. But you’re also likely to change your brand, your voice and much more within your first year. I know I did! I started out as a relationship blogger then I moved to soap making. After a few valiant but failed efforts I finally landed on finance blogging. Why did it take me so long? Because I needed that journey to find who I am and what my passions are. If you jump in 100% when you first start out and invest $5,000 into this thing. That’s a really risky investment because you’re likely to change something major about what you offer or your whole business – like I did!

You really don’t need to invest that much into it. I promise. What you do need is to be 100% yourself and be open and honest with your readership. This took me much longer than I care to admit. I thought, in my own stupid head, that I had to be this fake, perfect person. In reality, people hated me. I had few followers on Instagram because people could see that I was fake. Which is never a good thing.

Growing Your Blog WIthout Spending mOney

To grow your blog, you need three things.

  1. Strong Brand
  2. Friends
  3. Dedication

That’s it folks. You might think I’m crazy, but after years of trying to figure this thing out (and not having the money to invest in a coach) I finally figured out my passion and who I am as a person. I finally realized I’m that person who gets giddy (and freakishly excited) when we cut back on our budget. I realized that you just need to make friends and help other people along the way.

Your brand needs to be strong because people need to see consistency. This plays into your trustworthiness and credibility. Your credibility will be your lifeline to gaining people's trust in following you and eventually buying your content.

You need friends because there’s no way any of us can do this alone. We all have a support group and a backing who pick us up when we’ve had a failed launch, someone was super mean on a blog comment or product review, or you’re not seeing the success that you hoped for. Friends in the entrepreneur community are key. I’m thankful that I’ve made a few friends along the way and I can’t even tell you the support system that they are for me. Not to mention my cheerleaders!

Dedication is the last and hardest of these three things. Why? Because there are many ups and downs when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur. Sometimes within the same day. It’s a brutal rollercoaster ride. But, as I like to say, it’s one of the hardest but most rewarding things. Because it’s hard, you’ll have that much more payoff in the end.

So, you don’t need to invest much money to grow your readership. You keep these three things in mind and you’ll slowly start to see those numbers increase.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to listen to your readership. If you’re seeing more likes and comments on one particular post – it’s because your readers liked that post and probably want to see more about that topic. You can even reach out and ask your readership to fill out a survey to make sure you’re providing the content that they want to see.

You don’t need an exuberant amount of money to make a difference when it comes to growing your blog. All you need a strong brand, some good friends, and the dedication to see your business through. Give it a little bit of time and I think you’ll realize that it’s worth it in the end. You have a beautiful voice and your voice is waiting to be heard from your specific niche.

Happy blogging friends,