Running a Business For Cheap


Now, when you think of running your own business. Most think that it requires a huge initial start up investment. My friends – behold – my business only costs $72.12 a month to run. With an occasional additional fee for domain purchases and Squarespace site fees.

Here’s my monthly breakout in business expenses:

Adobe Creative Cloud – $53.44/month
Adobe Cloud – $10.68/month

That’s it folks! Those are my necessities in my business. There are several other things that I would to purchase, like quickbooks and grum. But, right now it’s just not in the cards. Because I’m just starting up, I need to make sure that I can rake in $64.12 a month. Which, I do that in running my two Etsy business where I sell downloadable prints and vintage clothing (mostly for fun!) So, anything that I make off of my blog is pure profit and goes directly towards paying down those debts.

Aside from the yearly payment of $96.00 to – which when you break that into 12 monthly payments – that’s only an additional $8 per month. Bringing my monthly expenses to $72.12.

Which isn’t too bad at all! So, if you’re looking to start your own blog, I would highly recommend it. Bluehost has been a dream to deal with and they’re really affordable!

You see, you don’t need thousands upon thousands of dollars for an initial investment into a business. It takes less than $100 monthly to have potential to earn thousands upon thousands of pure profit!

Happy blogging my friends