Saving Money While Living in a Tiny Home


My husband and I have a HUGE desire to live in a tiny home. It’s next on our list once we pay off all of our student debts (more on that here). We’re closer to paying off our debt than when we started (learn about that here), but it still feels like we’re drowning in debt.

So, for now – this is a dream. But, it’s a BIG dream that we both have. There are so many wonderful benefits to living in a self sustainable tiny home here’s a list of ways you can cut back and minimize your lifestyle by living in a tiny home:

  1. You save a fortune on cleaning supplies – think about it – the smaller the house the less there is to clean and the less time it take for you to clean it! (Can I get an amen??)

  2. Save thousands on rent. Seriously thousands. You can park your self sustainable house in the middle of the woods or in a Walmart parking lot for free! (Check out this post)

  3. Tiny home means tiny repairs. You can save thousands of dollars on maintenance alone!

  4. A tiny house can be extremely energy efficient. If you are environmentally conscious when building or purchasing your tiny home, you’ll have solar panels, compostable toilet, tankless water heater, and many more options to be energy efficient can really cut down costs when it comes to water and electricity.

  5. No more extra spending money – why? Because you won't have the space for anything else. You’ll be forced to stick to the necessities of life – which isn’t a bad thing! Getting back to the basics of life will really allow you to have freedom from stuff! (I recently did this with a capsule wardrobe. Absolutely no regrets!)

  6. You can be 100% free from debt. Buying a home can become very expensive and put people into debt for the next 30 years (GOOD LORD). Especially after trying to get out of debt (see this blog post), I am not ready to put us back into loads upon loads of debt. No. Thank. You.

  7. If you buy a tiny home and realize that you’re ready to expand your family and want to buy a house, you can keep your tiny home and rent it out on Air BnB! How cool would that be! Your renters would have a private space away from the main house and you’ll still be able to cash in on your rad tiny home.

There are many great financial reasons to ditch big houses and all of the financial burdens that come with them! Hubs and I are looking forward to being able to get to this point. But first – we’re attacking that debt.

Does anyone currently live in a tiny home? Share your experiences (and give me your Instagram handle – so I can check out your journey) in the comments below!

Happy Tiny living!