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DIY: Budget & Environmental Friendly All Natural Dye

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love white dishtowels. I usually purchase a package of flour sack towels because they’re the cheapest. But sometimes you need something a little bit more than white in a kitchen to spice it up a bit! This Friday’s blog post is about naturally dyeing fabric with materials that you have around the house – ultimately saving you loads of money because you’re not buying the expensive hand towels at the store. Plus, those white flour sack towels have an uncanny knack for getting stains and turning grimy after a couple of uses. So, this is one way to cover up those pesky stains!

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Gaining Pinterest Traffic on A Budget

You guys! I’m so excited to share my new tool with you. I’ve been using Tailwind for about a month and I can’t even tell you how useful it is in growing my following on Pinterest. Seriously.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory about Pinterest. I’m on Pinterest at least once a day pinning my little heart out. Why? Because if I had to choose any social media platform, it would be Pinterest. I like the usability, functionality, and all the cool stuff that you find on there.

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How To Save Money On Home Decor

Home decor can add up really quickly – especially when you’re like me and you love keeping up with the trends. I’m super into hygge right now – but two years ago – I was all about shabby chic. So, home decor is something that needs to be affordable in the Binderim household.

There are a couple of things that you can do to keep your home decor affordable and allow you to throw money towards debt.

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Favorite Business Tools: June 2017

This month’s favorite things will will revolve around my business and the tools that I love using and would recommend to any creative entrepreneur. I decided that it was time to automate a lot of my business tools so I didn’t have to always have a hand in posting. This gives me much more time to focus on the growing the business side of things and providing useful resources for my readers!

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How to Save $1151 A Year!

Trying to pay off $171K in student loan debt is not an easy feat. It’s actually very difficult. Just in case you didn’t know. I mean, throwing every free penny you have to pay off debt takes a lot of dedication, determination, and sacrifice (because I’ve been eyeing a cute pair of sandals for months, but I know I shouldn’t get them). So, when it all comes down to it – saving every last penny on our bills will help us pay down debt even faster. What’s not to like, right?

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Position Yourself As An Expert

For some, you can brag about yourself like there’s no tomorrow. You know that you’re good at what you do and you know that you can hit a home run each and every time. If that’s you, more power to you! I’m sorta jealous – ok, more than just sorta.

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Running a Business For Cheap

Now, when you think of running your own business. Most think that it requires a huge initial start up investment. My friends – behold – my business only costs $72.12 a month to run. With an occasional additional fee for domain purchases and Squarespace site fees.

Here’s my monthly breakout in business expenses:

Adobe Creative Cloud – $53.44/month
Adobe Cloud – $10.68/month

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2017 Q1 Goals

Well, in Ashlee like fashion – I’m late to the quarterly goals post. Being on time was never really my style anyways. So, fashionably late here I come! In my journey to paying down debt I realized that I need to hold myself accountable in this journey or I’m just not going to get anything done because procrastination is a thing – hey my fellow procrastinator! I see you! So, this is one way that I’m holding myself accountable to my own goals and what I where I would like to see this blog going in the next couple of years. Feel free to join me in this accountability journey – seriously, i’m looking for fellow friends who need accountability help! Count me in.

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The Truth About Being A Creative Entrepreneur

Hey tired, exhausted, over caffeinated entrepreneur – I see you. I’m so thankful that you’re here and took a minute out of your stressful day to read this. Why? Because I’m about to dish it all. The good, the bad, but mostly the ugly when it comes to choosing the profession as a Creative Entrepreneur. When I first started out I was mesmerized by the glitz and glam that the successful entrepreneurs constantly put out.

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Favorite Things: April 2017

Every now and then I’ll share what I’m currently swooning over. I’m a avid bargain shopper. You'll find me at every local goodwill hunting for a good bargain (it might be a slight problem – I decided to open an Etsy shop because I love it so much) and I’m always looking for the next best accessory, pair of overalls, or a record that fits my needs for the day. Here's all the things that I'm currently in love with for the month of April.

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Places That Let You Park For Free

Vacations usually aren’t cheap – mostly because the costs of hotels are unbelievably expensive! Especially if you fall into the tourist trap locations. Here’s a list of places that let you park your RV for free overnight to help save on the costs of traveling.

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Creating a Consistent Brand For your Blog

We all have those friends that are flakey and bail at the last second when you’re supposed to hang out with them. Did someone just pop up in your head? Yep, I have those friends too! (You know who you are, but I still love you;) So, when you’re not showing up consistently for your tribe – you’re one of those flakey friends! Before you grab a Kleenex and a tub of ice cream...wait...who am I kidding? Go ahead and grab that tub of ice cream regardless! There’s ways to prevent you from turning into that flakey friend!  

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The Journey to Pay Off $171K in Student Loan Debt

Yea, take a double look at that number. Does it give you a panic attack like it gives me? Because, that’s an overwhelming number. That’s a comfortable house, a really nice car, or both!

I want to document the process of paying off $171K in student loan debt for several reasons.

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A Bit About Ashlee & Binder

Hi – I’m Ashlee a lifestyle blogger empowering creative entrepreneurs to be debt free and live life on their own terms.

I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur and owner of this blog. This space is all about my journey to paying off over $171K in debt, finding my passions, and most importantly, building my business from the ground up.

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