The Best AFFORDABLE Software for Your Business

The best and most affordable software i use in my business

I’ve written a couple of posts about the software that I use in my business, but I love it so much that I want to write on it some more! I’ve also implemented new software in my business over the last couple of months so I wanted to touch on that a bit more now that my business has grown and developed over the course of these past few months.

Disclaimer: This post may or may not contain affiliate posts, but I use and love all of these services and would recommend to my grandma (whom I love dearly) if she were to ask me about them. I only recommend the best to my loved ones.


I absolutely adore Squarespace and I’ve been with them ever since they’ve launched. I think it’s a really intuitive web building site and they have hosting within Squarespace so you can buy your domain and everything through them which it makes it much easier for end users. They’re also constantly updating themes and offerings to make it the best that they can possibly. I’ve use Wordpress, Wix, and a couple other web building sites and Squarespace has my vote 100%.

Cost for website: $216.00 for business plan yearly or $26 month-to-month

Cost for domain: $20.00 yearly


Mailchimp is super user friendly and very intuitive, even for me who’s not the best when it comes to technology. Over the last couple of months they’ve made tons of improvements to their site and I can’t be happier with them. Right now I’m on the New Business plan that is free forever for up to 2,000 subscribers. Once my business reaches over 2,000 subscribers, then I’ll be charged depending on how many subscribers I have on my list.

Cost: Free!


I’ve used BlueHost in the past and I’ve had nothing but great interactions with them. They’re super affordable hosting company that I would recommend to all my WordPress users out there. If you use this link, you’ll get a special price of $3.95 per month! Seriously, you can’t beat that!

Cost: $3.95/month


I’ve been interested in growing my Pinterest followers because that’s my main traffic driver to my blog. Once I invested in Tailwind, my stats just kept going up and up! My followers increased by about 30% after using Tailwind for a couple of months and it continues to keep going up. I couldn’t be happier with it!

Cost: $14.94/month


Freshbooks is a small business accounting software that makes billing and keeping track of your finances painless. It’s another really intuitive tool that helps you spend less time on paperwork and keeps you looking professional. If you’re project based, you can collaborate on projects and keep all your information in one place. This is also helpful for people with larger teams, not just solopreneurs. If you do have a large team, you can also track their time using it! I mean, what can’t you do in this tool? It’s amazing! Not to mention it’s totally mobile friendly. If you’re on the road a lot, this is the system for you. Not to mention it’s totally affordable. If you have 5 active clients at one time, it’s only $15 a month! This is the step that I’m on because I only work with a limited number of clients a month. That’s amazing! If you’re a little bit bigger and have more clients per month, it’s only $25 a month! That’s bottom of the barrel pricing that you cannot beat anywhere else.

Cost: $15/month

Acuity Scheduling

This is my favorite tool when it comes to scheduling initial discovery calls with my clients. It’s a calendar system that automatically connects with my Google calendar (I’ll get into this a bit later). They click on the link and schedule a time that works best for them and what works best for me and I’ll get an update on monday morning about the calls that I have that week! Super intuitive tool (can you tell that’s my favorite kind of tool that I like using because I’m not a developer!)

Cost: $10/month

Adobe Creative Cloud

This might only be for designers out there, but I use my creative cloud at least once a day. I’m on it all the time making graphics for myself, clients, social media posts, you name it and I do it. I love having the ability to constantly be updated on the latest software. It’s worth every penny for me!

Cost: $53.50/month


This might also be for designers, but maybe you can find a way to implement iCloud storage into your business because I can access all the files that I need, and even my desktop at home from wherever I’m at! I was initially signed up for the 1T plan, but they were nice and bumped me up to the 2T plan. So, I now have over 1.5T of storage available to me! Again, worth every penny because I store graphics for every occasion and need on this baby.

Cost: $10.99/month


This is an Instagram scheduling app that will notify me when I need to post. I do all my scheduling and creating content online and then the app on my phone will notify me when it’s time to publish. With a couple of taps on my phone and it’s posted to Instagram. Plus, the basic plan that I’m on – is totally free! What’s not to like about that?

Cost: Free!

Google Apps

All the google apps are so useful to me and my business. I jot down whatever notes I have from clients in Google Docs and I write up all my posts here too. I use Google Calendar to keep myself up to date on all my meetings and hold myself accountable to deadlines, and I also use Google Drive to hold all information that I need to access at a drop of a hat. Best part? It’s free if you have a gmail account!

Cost: Free!

There you go! That’s all the software that I’m currently using. I’m sure that it’ll change as my business grows and expands, but for someone with a relatively small business – all of this does the trick for me! My expenses are also under $130 a month – which I generally cover with my Etsy purchases alone! The rest I make is pure profit!

I’m always interested in hearing about any software you may use, shout it out in the comments below!