Wishlist: Spring Capsule Wardrobe


So, you may or may not know that I completely went through my closet and totally gutted it– by gutting it I mean getting rid of at least 3/4ths of all my clothes and accessories! That was one of the most liberating activities I’ve practiced in a long time! You may be asking, “why the heck did Ashlee get rid of 3/4ths of her closet?” Well, let me tell you!

I’ve decided that I keep buying things that are on sale but I’m not necessarily in love with.

A. Talk about not sustainable – to say the least.
B. My wallet was taking a huge beating – like bad.
C. I kept looking in my closet and saying to myself, “I have nothing to wear”. Which didn’t make any sense because I had a closet full of clothes.

What I was actually saying was that I didn’t like anything in my closet because it didn’t make me feel good in it. So, I decided to pick up the minimalist wardrobe which you can find in further detail over here at Unfancy. She’s freaking amazing at the capsule wardrobe and I love her dedication to picking one capsule for 4 seasons out of the year.

After going through my entire wardrobe and pairing it down to 32 pieces of clothing, 5 accessories, and a handful of shoes – I feel like I’ve gained at least 20 minutes back every morning because I’m not digging through my closet to try and match items together. The items that I have in my closet are all items that I know work with at least another two items in my closet. SO, that means I have a minimum of 40 different outfits with only 32 different pieces of clothing. Talk about options!

While I was going through my closet, I realized that there are a few pieces that I’m missing to complete my outfit. In the next month or so I’m hoping to get these items to complete my spring capsule.

  1. Black Motto Jeans

  2. New Bikini

  3. Sports Bra

  4. Trucker hat

After purchasing a couple of these items my spring capsule will be complete. I’m freaking stoked you guys! I seriously cannot wait until I save up enough to purchase these items.

What are some of your favorites that you're currently dying for? I’m always in the mood for some online shopping!