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DIY: Color Wrapped Wheat

Fall has an amazing way to be colorful and beautiful. The change of warm summer to cooler nights, warm campfires, s'mores, and pumpkin everything! I think this is just about my favorite season! I decided to spruce up the house for this years fall festivities and try and keep it as cheap as possible!

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DIY: Summer Tea Towels

I don’t know about you, but when summer hits – I just want to DIY everything. It must be something about the good weather and the hot air outside. I definitely turn into a home body in the hot Arizona sun and DIY my heart out. I had some old flour sack towels laying around and decided to jazz them up a bit to make them summery.

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DIY: Bullet Journal

When it comes to an agenda, I have tried just about everything under the sun. I’ve tried online, small pocket ones from target, massive ones that have literally everything in it but none of them did everything that I needed them to. I decided to branch out and create my own bullet journal where I customize the pages and create my . After using a bullet journal, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a normal agenda.

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DIY: Mosquito Relief Stick

Last week, I talked about a mosquito repellent but what if those darn bugs already attacked? Well, I created mosquito relief sticks that I carry everywhere and I can’t tell you how helpful they are with reducing the redness, itch, and swelling. I made one small batch of it and it made enough relief sticks to last me for years and enough to pass out to my family and friends too!

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DIY: Mosquito Repelent

I don’t know about you, but I get eaten alive during these summer months. Especially with monsoon season here, it just brings out those pesky mosquitos that I absolutely loathe! I have to go inside during dusk because I’ll end up with 4 or more bites that itch and drive me crazy for the next 2 weeks. I know I’m not alone. Especially all of you who are in the south or northeast – bless your souls because you’re a special kind of people.

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DIY: Dog Treats That Your K9 Will Love

We have two fur babies that we absolutely adore, but it’s hard to spoil your pups when you’re on a tight budget. We usually get them one toy each for Christmas that lasts for the year. But when they’re being good, you just need to have some biscuits on hand to spoil them with. Instead of buying $20 worth of dog treats, I decided that I would make my own dog treats!

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DIY: Home Decor Finger Painting

When it comes to art, it get expensive. I figured it might be a fun experiment if I messed around with creating my own abstract art to hang around the house. I decided to create my own finger painting! Why not, right? I’m an adult and I still want to finger paint. Got a problem, come at me bro!

Ha. Just kidding. But seriously. This was such a fun little experiment and I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. Very abstract and super fun to make.

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DIY: Budget & Environmental Friendly All Natural Dye

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love white dishtowels. I usually purchase a package of flour sack towels because they’re the cheapest. But sometimes you need something a little bit more than white in a kitchen to spice it up a bit! This Friday’s blog post is about naturally dyeing fabric with materials that you have around the house – ultimately saving you loads of money because you’re not buying the expensive hand towels at the store. Plus, those white flour sack towels have an uncanny knack for getting stains and turning grimy after a couple of uses. So, this is one way to cover up those pesky stains!

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DIY: Budget Friendly Tassel Wall Hanging

Home decor can add up really quickly, can’t it? It’s not something that you go and buy on a whim when you’re trying to pay off debt. But, I was able to make a fun, budget friendly, wall hanging that I absolutely love and can’t wait to share with you.

Guess what? It only cost me a whopping $2 to make two separate wall hangings. I went to Goodwill (which I frequent often) and I picked up two scans of yarn that was donated for $0.99 cents a piece. Me, being the crafting connoisseur that I am, couldn’t let that deal pass me up. So, I pick them up in hopes that I would have a project come along. What do you know? This project did!

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DIY: All Natural Throat Lozenge

We all have those awful summer colds that seem to come out of nowhere and then suffocate us in the heat. I hope that you don’t catch that summer cold bug – but if you do – let’s be prepared.

You know, runny nose, congestion, sore throat all in the dead of summer. Yuck!

You could grab cold medicine or you could use all natural throat lozenges that will help aid you to feel better. I’m not going to say this is the cure for all colds, because I’d be lying. But, I’ll tell you this will make you feel a little bit better.

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DIY: Natural Room Scents

Purchasing candles and plug in wallflowers can add up really quick. Especially when you account for the refills and how quickly your home can go through them. Even with wax melts, I find myself going through them at fast rates and that adds up really quick! Not to mention all the chemicals that are in most air fresheners – it’s just a whole lot of no good! Especially with people with allergies and asthma. Definitely something to stay away from!

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Easy and Sustainable Ways to Save Money Around the House

I’m all about being sustainable – I’m a firm believer in the fact that we, as a collective human species, were put on this planet to take care of it. So, with that mindset - I’m a lover of all things sustainable. However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed how expensive sustainable products are. Well, let me tell you – they’re expensive! Totally not cost effective especially when you’re trying your best to pay down debt!

So, I’ve put together a cost effective yet sustainable list of things to DIY around the home. Plus, a cost breakdown on how much I’m saving on average by using these items. Not only are you saving the planet, but you’re saving your wallet too! Win win? I think so!

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DIY: Soothing Bath Salts

Relaxing is hard to do when you’re overwhelmed with the debt right at your fingertips. You feel guilty when you buy that extra latte that you didn’t budget for or you don’t feel like you can rest because you feel massive debt guilt every time you take a day. I get it. I’ve been there. Resting is hard to do when you have massive debt on your shoulders, but it’s a necessary part of life.

If you don’t take care of your body, you’ll end up with serious chronic conditions, trust me. I know all about the effects stress has on your body. But, heed my warning. You need to relax every once in awhile. It’ll do your body, mind, and family a whole lotta good when you’re not cranky and stressed out all the time.

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How to Save Over $419.26 A Year On DIY Products!

Making your own home and beauty products might seem cumbersome from the start. But once you start to jump into the making of it all I think you’ll realize that it’s super fun and cost effective to DIY everything in your house.

There are a lot of benefits to making your own home and beauty products.

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DIY: Budget Friendly Abstract Painting

Let’s be real here. Art’s expensive! I’m trying to redecorate my home and turn it more modern – minimalist chic than country chic because that’s just not me anymore. But, in looking at purchasing artwork to hang up on the walls – I realized that it’s super expensive and there’s no way I can afford artwork on the tight budget that we’re on to save money towards paying off our debt.

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DIY: Honey Face Mask

When you’re trying to save all that money and put it towards paying off debt, you don’t have time to relax let alone treat yo’self! But, I just want to remind you how important it is to take care of your body and relax – even during this super debt saving mode you may be in. Today’s blog post is about. I’ve written a couple of posts on how to relax and a couple other ways you can relax, so check that out too!

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DIY: Quick & Easy Mouthwash Recipe

When it comes to all things DIY on a dime. I’m there. This was another one of those things that we ran out at the house and I refused to buy at the store because I have perfectly good items to make it around the house. This one took me a couple tries to get something good, but I finally landed on a recipe that I like and works for us. Keep in mind that this will last about two weeks and you’ll need to remake the batch every two weeks or so.

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Relaxation On A Dime

When you’re on a budget, I know it’s hard to fork over serious cash for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and the list continues. Relaxation is one of those things that you do when you pay off debt, right? Wrong! If you don’t relax while you’re paying off debt, you’ll put yourself in an early grave. You have to treat yourselves every now and then! I’m not talking expensive $120 haircut and color – I’m talking staying at home and relaxing on a dime. It’s not as hard as you think. (Just maybe a bit more complicated if you have kiddos, am I right?)

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DIY Budget Friendly Hair Masks

Going to a salon can get expensive very quickly, am I right ladies? I usually drop about $120 every time I get my hair cut. Which, I don’t go as often as I should because of how expensive it is! You’ll be lucky to see me in that chair 3 times a year. But, by applying these hair treatments I’ve noticed that my hair is healthy, shiny, and full of volume which means I don’t have to go in as often anyways!

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DIY Boot Oil

In trying to make everything that we own last – boot oil was a necessity. We have several leather books, wallets, bags, and more that just needs a bit of love every now and then to make last for several years to come. Once we were out of boot oil, I decided that it was time that I make a good DIY boot oil that smells great and will also make our well loved items look brand new again.

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