If you want to...

Have a show stopping website and brand?
Gain valuable insight into blogging?
Have someone custom make your logo and website to fit your needs and personality?

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in slow motion?

You have all these awesome ideas but don’t know where to take it from here? You’re feeling major overwhelm and exhaustion at the thought of trying to figure this all out for yourself?

Sound familiar?

If you want to...

Get out of that rut and have a professional custom make your logo, blog, and website – suited for your needs in your future business?

Hi, I'm Ashlee!

I remember struggling with my brand new blog and not knowing what I should or shouldn’t do and then feeling completely overwhelmed with all the information out there that seems to contradict itself. After struggling for quite some time, I decided to stop listening to all the other voices and start listening to my own.


Let’s turn your ideas into a show stopping blog and business that can’t be ignored!

Through my one-on-one logo branding and blog/web building process I’ll help you clearly define your brand and capture your unique and authentic self and translate that into a customized logo and blog!

I’ll ask you questions on what your dream and vision is for your logo and blog – I’ll take those responses and turn them into your perfect brand and business. You will be able to turn viewers into paying repeat customers through a customized logo and website. We’ll even tackle your social media’s look and feel so you’re one complete and professional brand!

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After working together…

  • You’ll have a professional, customized, and complete brand that speaks to your unique personality

  • A deeper understanding of branding and your own voice

  • Social media that ties it all in together

  • A brand new logo or website that will start earning you income!

Find the package that works best for your needs –

I also offer a blog review package to help you create a show stopping blog that will start to help you generate major income!


Interested, but sceptical? Check out the other creative entrepreneurs out there who are achieving their dreams!

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