Budgeting 101: Learning how to create a budget to pay off debt and meet financial goals

Budgeting isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a hard concept to tackle especially if no one taught you what a budget is or how to budget. I took one economics course in high school (most of which I slept through) and has taken me many years and even a course that I invested in, in order to gain a better understanding of my finances. I finally stopped letting my money control me. Now, I’m controlling it. You’ll gain access to the tools, tips, tricks, and resources that I used to pay off $21,000 in less than 15 months!

In this ebook, we’ll cover the basics of budgeting, why it’s important to budget, how to create a budget, resolving budgeting conflicts, creating attainable financial goals, how to cut back spending, and staying motivated through it all.

Ready to gain control of your finances? Because you’re about to change your life. If you stay dedicated, motivated, and use the methods that I explain in this book, I guarantee that you’ll change your life for the better. That’s my promise to you.

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DIY's on a dime

DIY's are your favorite thing to make. You spend all your time on Pinterest souring for new DIY's you can create – but wait – where is all this money going to come from? Don't worry, this book will have 50+ DIY's you can make at home with products you already likely have. Get ready to craft your heart out!