Free Pinterest, blog, and Instagram Graphics

Thank you so much for your subscription to my newsletter. I'm looking forward to having you in my tribe. As a thank you for being so awesome. I wanted to give you a freebie that can benefit you and your business. This freebie will help you keep a consistent brand! To use these freebies, I recommend signing up for Adobe Illustrator CC (they offer a  30 day trial!). I would highly recommend it. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me or stay tuned for Illustrator 101 eCourse. Tag me on Instagram @ashlee_binderim if you love these graphics!

Instagram Freebie-01.jpg

Instagram Graphic

Here's your freebie Instagram graphic! Once you download the file you'll be able to open it and change the generic words to your own unique blog post and website address!

Pinterest Post Freebie.jpg

Pinterest/Blog Graphic

Here's the free Pinterest graphic! This also doubles as a blog post graphic too! Two for one deal – which saves you loads of time in the end. Because, time = money, amiright? Click below to download your new Pinterest/Blog post graphic!