Ashlee was so helpful throughout the process. She completely fixed my site and made it like new again! She worked very efficiently, and responded to my questions and concerns promptly. I am so happy with the final result and I can not thank her enough for the time and effort she put in to making this whole process a major success. 

– Caroline Frankee, Just Being Franke

She knew exactly what I was looking for, with just a quick description. She offered revisions, but it honestly only took a couple tweaks, and it was perfect! She does great work and is also super easy and fun to work with!
Alicia Haskew, Alicia Haskew Photography
Alicia Haskew

Camp Culture LTD.
"The whole experience from initial contact to final product was terrific! Ashlee was prompt with her designs, and was open to feedback. I thought there would be many rounds, but after providing her with a mood board and our ideal client description, she quickly understood our needs, and was able to provide the perfect logo for our business! Of course, we were so pleased with her ability to put our vision to life, that we hired her to create 4 more designs. She gave us multiple options to choose from, and that was the hardest part because they were so perfect! We will definitely be using her for our future t-shirt designs as well, because she's fast, prompt, and very talented at what she does."

Camp Cultured, LTD.

"As a first-time small business owner, I had a rough sketched out idea of what I wanted to represent my business. Ashlee took that sketch, built on it, and made it a beautiful reality! She was incredibly patient and supportive as we worked to get the logo "just right". Every email was answered in a timely manner with each review and design adjustment. Ashlee was honest and straightforward about what would and/or wouldn't work, yet still tried to make it all happen. She was willing to listen to every idea I had and incorporate them into the overall design. I'm so thankful to Ashlee for all her hard work and help in making a small part of my dream come true."
– Danielle Schafer, Rise Up Yoga & Wellness
RU Yoga Pic

Rustic Chic Boutique
I absolutely love my design. I cant wait to use it. Ashlee is very talented and easy to work with. Thank you Ashlee for creating my exact vision. I highly recommend."
– Lynne Olson, Rustic Chic Boutique

"When I asked Ashlee to create a pricing sheet for me, with nothing more than my prices and packages on a word document, she took it upon herself to go above and beyond to create the perfectly branded piece. I should have given more direction at the get-go, but I didn't need to because what she delivered was just what I was hoping for! Clean simple designs that have elements of my brand in it, without all the clutter. It was perfect, and she was a pleasure to work with!"

Sweet Pine Films
Sweet Pine Films