VIP Ultimate Branding all-in-one Package

You’re a creative entrepreneur who’s ready to make that lifestyle change and create a life they don’t have to take a vacation from. You’ve worked hard in the 9 to 5 and you’re not happy. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of doing something on the side for quite some time and you’re finally fed up with the mundane boring 9 to 5 work where you feel like you’re in a hamster ball, getting absolutely nowhere in life or coming even remotely close to achieving your dreams. Maybe you're ready to start a new chapter in your life, and you have an amazing idea that you know needs to be shared with the world? Maybe you want to enjoy more freedom in your life – and entrepreneurship is how you want to achieve your dream lifestyle? 

Does that sound like you?

You have a business idea that you know the world needs to know about but you've been scared of releasing that idea to the world. You're dying to get started, but you are overwhelmed at all of the information out there. I don't blame you, I was too! I was so overwhelmed, in fact, that I kinda shut my idea down because I thought that my market was oversaturated. How silly of me!

If that's you, let me tell you something!

You are amazing are are super talented. The world NEEDS to hear you and your voice. You were given that gift for a reason, and it's about time that you stop listening to that mean girl inside of you because she's literally the worst. You need to get started on this amazing idea that you're holding back from the world. I guarantee you that you have a specific niche out there that is dying for you love, support, product, and encouragement! It's time you made the leap and did something for yourself. Let me help you turn your dream business into a reality, pretty pretty please? I'm dying to help you achieve all your dreams because I jump for joy right there with you. I'm in the trenches right beside you and I want you to succeed like no one else. I've got your back, always. 

Ready to make that change? That’s where I come in. I’m your all-in-one ultimate resource where I help you strategize your business, help you reach your financial goals, coaching, create a brand, website, and logo. That’s right – you just have to work with one person – not 3 or more!

Wanna know the best part?

I'll brand you, coach you, inspire you, teach you about business finance, in 3 months! That's right, I'm going to create a completely custom website, logo, and brand – then coach you – then teach you all about business finance and how to stay in the green so you know everything you need to know right out of the gate. I'm setting you up for absolute success because I'm SO passionate about you living your dream lifestyle. So, let's start making those dreams come true, shall we?


Here's what you'll get – 


COMPLETELY CUSTOM LOGO, Brand, and website

Yep, that's right. This is all in one logo, brand, and website that is completely tailored to your style, passion, and personality. I want this brand to SCREAM you, because you've waited far to long to make your dream a reality. I'm giving you everything that you need to start your business. Here's what you'll get – 

  • 1 40 minute Initial brand call – I'll ask you a bunch of questions and give you some fun homework!
  • 2 Logo Options – 2 revisions included
  • Squarespace website (home, about, services/shop, contact page, blog, and two pages of your choice)
  • Complete branding across all social media sites
    • Which includes: Color palette, pattern, fonts, mood board, and identity guide
  • 1 90 minute call where I'll show you how to use your new website and you can ask me any questions you have!




Business Coach

Knowing how to run a business is hard. You can't know it all! Seriously, you can't! But, that's what I'm here for you. (Not saying I know it all, because I don't – I'm just farther ahead in my journey). We'll talk about all your fears, questions you may have, concerns, and most importantly why you're doing this! We have to keep you motivated when the going gets tough!

  • 3 month intensive program
  • 1 60 minute call a week
  • Access to exclusive FB group where I interact daily
  • Daily unlimited support via email for 3 months



Personal & Business Finance

Personal & Business Finance Coach

You now have a brand, website, and the knowledge to start your business. What's the one thing that you're missing? What to do when that money starts rolling in! That's the most important part. There's a lot that you need to know! When money is involved, it gets more complicated – amiright? You need to have a legitimate business like an LLC or Sole Proprietorship, fill out the proper paperwork, document recipes (because you're 10X more likely to get audited by the IRS if you own a business – YIKES!), and lastly – taxes! With this package, we cover it all and make sure that you know your stuff when it comes to money. 

  • 3 month finance coaching
  • 3 60 minute calls each month
  • all my ebooks, freebies, workbooks, and courses
  • 3 month email access to reach out to me any time you have a question
  • 6 month 30 minute review call where we'll talk about how the last couple months have gone and what you could work on or what you need help with





I want you to know how to market yourself, this took me years (seriously, years!) to learn these techniques and it was painstakingly slow progress until I figured out a couple secrets that completely changed my life. Because I love you all so much and I want you to have these tips – I'm giving it away for FREE! 

Here's what you'll learn all about – SEO, copy writing, social media, reading analytics, how to show up, building a genuine following, and so much more! 

  • 3 60 minute calls a over the course of 3 months
    • focused on topics that I'll provide and have content at the ready to send to you once our session is over
  • Access to workbooks, worksheets, and courses specifically developed for this marketing bonus
  • 3 months unlimited daily support for any marketing related questions you may have


FREE 99!


Hi! I'm Ashlee – 

Your champion, cheerleader, and business guru.

I want your to succeed, maybe even more than your mom does! I am filled with so much joy when you have wins and I celebrate right along side with you. Dance party, yea? When life hits hard and you're struggling with something – I'm right there in the trenches with you. I have such a heart for you – you entrepreneur you – because I know what's it like to feel lost in this community and not knowing where to get started. I'm here to tell you that I'll be your biz bestie, your personal cheerleader, and a bit of a mentor to you to help you achieve your biggest and wildest dreams. 


Space is extremely limited, so don't wait!

I only accept eight clients per year. Why? Because I want to focus on you and your business. I want you to feel like you're making leaps and bounds of progress in for your business. I devote all my time to you and building your brand, website, teaching you what I know about finances, and business. I don't hold anything back – because I want you to know everything that I know. I'm here for you 100%. I've got your back when it comes to building this business. I think it's time that you invested in yourself, isn't it? 

Because I only accept 8 clients a year – space is extremely limited and I generally have a waitlist. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a 40 minute discovery call where I see if we're a good fit! 



How much is this program?

Because I love you all so much and I want you to succeed in every way, I'm giving you a discount for those who purchase all three (& the bonus gets thrown in too!). You'll get a brand, logo, website, branded social media, one-on-one business coaching, access to exclusive Facebook group, daily unlimited email support for 6 months, access to all my worksheets, ebooks, courses, and more, finance coaching where I teach you how to run the books, and – last but not least – free marketing support for 3 months for a discounted price (almost $500 off!) for $11,800. That's an unbelievably low price for help in 4 strategic areas and it's a one of a kind program. 


I really want to work with you but you're booked 3 months out and I need something like, yesterday?! 

GURL, I totally understand – contact me and we can discuss your options. I can outsource some of the work to people who understand who I am and what I offer and that frees up some time for you and I to be able to chat one-on-one. I will do everything in my power to give you all the tools and resources that you need to succeed in your business and create the lifestyle of your dreams.


This is an amazing package, but I can't pay that outright? Can I do payment plans? 

Yes! Absolutely! I offer a payment package of 3 equal payments of $4450 over the course of our time working together. Wanna get started today? Let's book your discovery call and get you started on these payment plans and start make your biggest dreams a reality.

Can I purchase just one of the offerings? I already have a website and logo, but I want the other 3 options!

Absolutely! Each package is sold separately. When you purchase one of the packages listed above, you'll also get the free marketing course, as well. Contact me to discuss what you want and need to grow your business leaps and bounds. I'm completely open to creating a customized package for you – so never hesitate to reach out and ask! Click the button below to contact me and we'll get started on creating a customized package, just for you!



I just want the marketing course, is that something I can purchase from you?

Of course it is! I don't want to keep any knowledge that I have in my head if it's something that can benefit you! The marketing course, by itself, is $2275. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in purchasing that package and getting started on upping your marketing game!



I love it all! Let's do it! How do I buy it?

GURL – I LOVE your enthusiasm, but you're getting ahead of yourself. We need to book a FREE 40 minute discovery call where we chit chat about your ideas and see if we're a good fit! Click the button below to schedule our one-on-one free call and then, if we're a good fit, I'll tell you all about it and when we can start working together!


I haven't convinced you yet? Well don't take it from me – take it from these amazing ladies that took a leap of faith and decided they were ready to create their dream lifestyle!


Steps to get into the extremely limited VIP Ultimate Branding Experience:


Step 1:

Book a free 40 minute discovery call and I'll hear all about your and what you're looking for. My guess is we'll be a great fit because you're awesome and following all of your dreams!

Step 2: 

You'll either pay in full, or make the first months payment. If I'm booked in advance, (which I'll bring up on our phone convo) we'll talk about the 25% deposit down that will hold your spot. I'll give you some homework to work on in the mean time!

Step 3:

When I'm ready to devote all my time on you – I'll send out an initial contact telling you that we can get started on building your brand. I'll send you an invite to schedule a time with me for our initial branding meeting. I'll ask you questions – but don't worry – I'm just getting a feel for your personality and who you are a human and soon to be business owner! 

Step 4:

While I'm working on your logo, website, and brand – I'll send you links for you to schedule your coaching, marketing, and finance calls. Let's get you started on becoming the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of! The one who's ready to take a small risk for a high reward. This is where we start to change your life and map out your future.

Step 5: 

After the 3 month process is over and I've handed you the keys to your website – you're now totally prepared to conquer the world and share your gift that you've been given. You're ready, I made sure of it. But, if you're scared – I totally understand – that's why I offer you one more call to use within the 3 months of this program ending, because I don't want you to feel alone in the process. I've still got your back – no matter what.

If you're looking for year long support after this program ends – look on the Mastermind Group page where I provide yearly support via Facebook group, group calls, and (the best part!) you get to go on a weekend retreat with all your biz besties in the group where we can meet face to face and we'll spend the weekend relaxing – seriously, what's not to love?


Sounds great! So, how much does it cost?

Because I love you all so much and I want you to succeed in every way, I'm giving you a discount for those who purchase all three (& the bonus gets thrown in too!). You'll get a brand, logo, website, branded social media, one-on-one business coaching, access to exclusive Facebook group, daily unlimited email support for 3 months, access to all my worksheets, ebooks, courses, and more, finance coaching where I teach you how to run the books, and – last but not least – free marketing support for 3 months for a discounted price (almost $500 off!). 






Best Value!


Ready to make the leap and change your life for the better? I think you're ready too! Let's save your seat, because remember, I only accept 8 clients a year for this package. So, don't wait!

Let's make your wildest dreams, come true, starting today