You love being behind the scenes, talking to clients, crafting, whatever it is that fuels your business and your heart. But building  a thriving business takes a lot of work, and I bet you realize already that you just can't do "all the things." You need help. And really, its just smart to outsource tasks if you can, especially the ones you don't love to do. This will leave you more time for the the things in your business that only you can do!


Blog Assistance

Content Creation - $57 per post

  • Writing, scheduling, formatting, and publishing

Content Editing - $27 per post or page
Graphic Design - $36 per post graphic

Post Processing 

Album Design: $8 per spread
Retouching and extra editing



Send product & receive photos for free
Additional editing done to images

Virtual Assistance Packages

5 hr $135
10 hr $270
15 hr $405
30 hr $820

What I can do for you:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Task Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Webinar Assistance
  • Webinar Presentation/Course slide design


*$28/hr with a minimum retainer of 3 hours, the hours you purchase can be on a fortnightly or weekly basis*

A La Carte

Work done at an hourly rate for any customized package based on needs and specific task requirements - billed on an hourly basis rather than by a package.



"This is my first experience having someone work with me in my business. I honestly was a little scared of all the training I would have to do, and how long it would take, but we figured it out quickly, and now we are a well-oiled machine. She can read between the lines, and when she can't she speaks up, rather than struggling in the background and not getting things done.

She is so personal that I would consider her a friend and colleague now, rather than my VA. She takes direction and runs with it, and is very quick to meet her deadlines. Some of the tasks she does for me includes social media management, design, product ordering, image retouching album design, and other odds and ends. With the image retouching, I have to sing her praises here. It is incredibly hard, as a photographer, to find someone who can edit images to your style. But she has learned not only my editing style, but she knows how to do Frequency Separation (hallelujah!) in a way that does not look plastic-y and overdone. I know plenty of photographers who can't even do that! She watched me edit 1 photo, and picked it up very quickly. She also takes constructive criticism very well. If I need her to go back and fix some edits, or change some layouts, she does and returns it promptly without getting feelings hurt. I have a business to run, and I have expectations, and she understands that and never gets defensive when I ask for changes. We have a very good and honest working relationship that took no time to develop. She is so personable, and has been such a joy to work with, and I never want to let her go!"

Alicia Haskew, Alicia Haskew Photography


Let me do the work for you!


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